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Music Madness – Round 1

Music Madness - Who's your favorite SUNY music act?

Welcome to SUNY Music Madness 2013! We have picked the top 13 entries with completely original music and wholehearted talent to compete in Round I; it’ll be a close one! There are musicians from all over New York State–from SUNY Cortland to The College at Brockport to SUNY Canton to Stony Brook University.

Of the 13 contestants, five will continue on to Round II. Because the diverse talent that this collection of entries presents, each voter is able to vote for two of their favorite musicians. We encourage you to sit back and sample them all so that you can let us know who you feel is the best! Oh, and play nice. Here’s our Social Media Policy. And the other terms are found here.

After this round, which runs until Sunday, November 24 at 8:00 p.m., the Semifinal (Round II) will accept votes from Tuesday, November 26 at noon to Friday, December 6 at 11 p.m. And then… the Final (Round III) will run from Tuesday, December 10 at noon to Wednesday, December 18 at noon.

Good luck!

Music Entries:

Select up to two (2) favorites below:

SUNY Music Madness Round 1

  • Hello, Seattle - "Ghost In A Common Place" - SUNY Oneonta (27%, 855 Votes)
  • Somewhere Up There - "The End" - SUNY Oneonta (22%, 715 Votes)
  • Analise & EJ Rios - "Losing Myself" - SUNY New Paltz (16%, 519 Votes)
  • Angela Rose - "Dear Girl In The Mirror" - SUNY New Paltz (10%, 335 Votes)
  • Upstate Rubdown - "Pie" - SUNY New Paltz (9%, 293 Votes)
  • Zoo Rass - "Deh So (Mi Like It Riddim)" - SUNY Canton (9%, 280 Votes)
  • Sophie Gault - "You, Me & Trouble" - SUNY Oneonta (9%, 273 Votes)
  • Jus - "Lifetime" - Stony Brook University (6%, 187 Votes)
  • Palemen - "Toughen Up" - SUNY Oneonta (4%, 140 Votes)
  • Strange Appeal - "Look What The Cat Dragged In" - Binghamton University (3%, 97 Votes)
  • TAG - "instrumental" - Dutchess Community College (2%, 62 Votes)
  • Cold Stars- "Part IV The Arena" - Dutchess Community College (2%, 50 Votes)
  • Brockport Symphony Orchestra - "It Soon Will Be Christmas" - College at Brockport (1%, 46 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,208

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TAG - SUNY Ducthess guitar performance video link

Dutchess Community College

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      There are 27 comments

    • Carmella says:

      Well done Angela! Some voice.

    • Jason says:

      Sophie Gault – “You, Me & Trouble”

    • Michelle Ramos says:

      “Analise & Ej Rios – Losing Myself”.

    • Filomena Bernatowicz says:

      Angela does a fantastic job with her original song–“Dear Girl in the Mirror” Her heart and soul comes through the lyrics. Beautiful!!!

    • Robert Rivera says:

      “Analise & Ej Rios – Losing Myself”.
      Lets go!!!

    • Timothy oldmixon says:

      Hello, Seattle Ghost in a common place

    • Tim Gillespie says:

      Paleman – Toughen Up

    • jenn says:

      hello seattle ghost in a common place

    • ken says:

      hello seattle

    • earl says:

      hello seattle

    • chih says:

      hello seatle

    • Amanda says:

      Hello seattle!!

    • E says:

      Palemen…you rock!

    • Amber says:

      “Dear Girl in the Mirror” <3

    • Stephanie says:

      Somewhere Up There……..amazing!!!!!

    • Joyce says:

      Hello Seattle !!

    • Ali Bie says:

      Go Angela!!!!!

    • Kerin says:

      Hello Seattle!

    • Erma says:

      Hello Seattle. Bestluck of luck

    • Beth says:

      wow “Dear Girl In the Mirror” really touched me…that girl can SIIIING

    • dawn says:

      Love “Losing Myself” ! Go Analise & E.J. !

    • Miguel E Espinosa says:

      “Analise & Ej Rios – Losing Myself”.

    • Georgia Harris says:

      That song You Me and Trouble by Sophie Gault is the best one

    • fred says:

      ghost in a common place by hello seattle

    • chich says:

      hello seattle!

    • Hello, Seattle ” Ghost in a Common Place” the best!!

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