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Music Madness – Semifinals

Music Madness - Who's your favorite SUNY music act?

Welcome to Round II of SUNY Music Madness 2013! Voters have chosen the top 5 entries from the original 13 entries of Round I. A close first round has set the stage for an exciting Semifinal and lays the foundation for a energetic Final in two weeks.

Of the 5 contestants, three will continue on to Round III. Each voter is able to vote for one of their favorite entries this round; as always, we encourage you to sit back and sample them all so that you can let us know who you feel is the best! Oh, and play nice. Here’s our Social Media Policy. And the other terms are found here.

This round, the Semifinal (Round II), will accept votes from Tuesday, November 26 at noon to Friday, December 6 at 11 p.m. And then the Final (Round III) will run from Tuesday, December 10 at noon to Wednesday, December 18 at noon.

Good luck!

Music Entries:

Select your favorite below:

SUNY Music Madness Round 2 (Semifinals)

  • Hello, Seattle - "Ghost In A Common Place" - SUNY Oneonta (40%, 834 Votes)
  • Analise & EJ Rios - "Losing Myself" - SUNY New Paltz (30%, 619 Votes)
  • Somewhere Up There - "The End" - SUNY Oneonta (24%, 500 Votes)
  • Upstate Rubdown - "Pie" - SUNY New Paltz (5%, 98 Votes)
  • Angela Rose - "Dear Girl In The Mirror" - SUNY New Paltz (2%, 38 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,089

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      There are 14 comments

    • I’m routing for You Two. Your Songs & Talent are Amazing! Keep up the Good Vibrations. :)

    • i’M Select Somewhere Up There – “The End” – SUNY Oneonta It seems a good song

    • Mary Nielsen says:

      Hello Seattle , wonderful !!!!!!!!!

    • Frank says:

      Hello Seattle

    • Valerie DeVaughn says:

      That is good reach for the stars I know ms. DeVaughn BX MATh

    • Lilly says:

      Hello Seattle

    • Jailani Tirado says:

      Never giving up on E.J & Analise , YOU CAN DO IT GUYS!

    • Frank says:

      Hello seatle

    • Jose Melendez says:

      Analise & EJ never no doubt you guys are going to do this!!!!

    • Lisa says:

      Good luck to Analise and EJ you are the best!
      Aunt Lisa

    • Gio Collado says:

      Go E.J. & Analise. You are the Best you have to win. E.J. you Rock Just like your Parents!!

      Love Gio

    • Diane Casado says:

      Awesome E.J. & Analise. You Rock! We believe in you!

    • dawn says:

      YAY! ANALISE & E.J.!!

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