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Category: Campus Life


A Fall Semester Bucket List For Students

What are your goals for this semester? At college, you’ll be learning new things, meeting new people, and being introduced to new opportunities ...

Happiness Shines Bright In the Rain

It’s common that people find happiness in all sorts of ways on a college campus. After all, new friends and a new environment brings new social ...

10 Must-Have Apps for the Fall 2015 Semester

It’s that time of year again – the semester has officially begun and college students are back to juggling classes, extracurricular activ...

Five Things you Should Discuss with your Roommate Before Living Together

It’s that time of year again. College students new and old are once again moving into their apartments and dorms for the new semester. For many ...

Co-Curricular Transcripts Showcase Out-Of-Classroom Experiences and Help Students Get an Edge

The competition for jobs and internships can be very heavy. Other than your studies, what can be used to get a leg up on the competition? Experts say ...