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Online Degrees are Working to Bolster the Workforce in New York’s High Needs Careers

In today’s economy, education often sets applicants apart from much of the competition in the job market. According to a 2010 report by The College ...

8 Ways to Prepare for Your Online Classes this Semester

Being a new student of online learning can be difficult transition. By now, the semester has started and you are settling in to a new schedule and new...

10 Classes You Never Thought You Could Take Online

At one time, not so long ago, if you were going to take an online course your options were pretty limited. Courses were either an elective that may or...

Data: Fastest Growing Occupations in New York

While some concerns about college focus on its cost, SUNY campuses actually have some of the best value  – the combination of cost and quality ...

7 Myths About Online College Classes—Debunked

This fall, it is expected that over 22 million students will enroll in college either on a full time or part-time basis in the United States. Each of ...