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Recognizing the Work of Our University Police to Create a Safe Environment

It’s not uncommon to be nervous or afraid to walk home alone at night. This feeling can affect students at campuses all across the United States...

A Comprehensive Policy Comes to Light to Battle Sexual Assault

Update 6/16/15: Governor Cuomo, Majority Leader Flanagan and Speaker Heastie announced an agreement on “Enough is Enough” legislation to c...

10 Tips for Staying Safe at School

Often as students we feel invincible when we step foot on a college campus. Although for the most part college campuses are safer than their surroundi...

Advancing Safety On Campus for All Students

Colleges and universities are safer than the cities and towns that they’re in. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t responsibilities to try t...

5 Ways to Stay Safe in Your Dorm

Classes are starting up again and students are back in the dorms for another semester. College is a challenging and exciting time, but it is also one ...