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Carl Hayden: Thanks for everything

Former SUNY Board of Trustees Chairman Carl T. Hayden submitted his letter of resignation today to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. As he said in his own words, “most observers would agree that the last four years have been, for SUNY, the most tumultuous since its founding.” Thanks for helping to get us through them.

Check out this statement from current Chairman H. Carl McCall and Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher after the jump:

“As chairman of the Board for four years, Carl Hayden served the State University of New York with the highest level of distinction and a commendable vision for how SUNY could best serve its students and faculty, alumni and friends, local communities, and
all of New York State.

“Carl Hayden’s leadership came during some of SUNY’s most challenging financial times and provided the system with a clear path for a better way forward.

“His dedicated engagement with all of SUNY’s stakeholders and his outstanding ability to inspire and to build broad consensus among them contributed to SUNY’s various and numerous achievements over the last four years. 

“On behalf of the presidents, faculty, staff, and students across the SUNY system, we commend Carl Hayden on an incredible career and thank him for his tireless advocacy and visionary leadership.”

    David Belsky

      Written by David Belsky

      David is the Director of Marketing & Creative Services for The State University of New York.



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