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Chancellor Zimpher

Governor Cuomo’s State of the State Address

Governor Cuomo continues to be a champion for the State University. He has it right: SUNY is a great equalizer for New Yorkers, and it will provide our state with an infinite return on its investment as SUNY drives economic development in every region, creates jobs, jobs, jobs, and trains students to become the workforce of tomorrow.

The NYSUNY 2020 Challenge Grant Act embodies our ambition to marry academic excellence with economic revitalization and is propelling our university centers to the next level. The Governor’s extension of this act to all SUNY campuses, in the form of three additional $20 million grants, will allow our campuses to further carry out their mission to learn, to search, and to serve.

This year’s State of the State Address reaffirms the Governor’s commitment to advancing public higher education in New York State and his unwavering confidence in SUNY’s ability to lead New York’s economic resurgence.

It has been my absolute honor to partner with Governor Cuomo since he took office. I applaud his continued commitment to education in New York, and I look forward to building upon our partnership in the coming year.

We are also thrilled that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, in his State of the State presentation, made a commitment to increase support for SUNY’s community colleges.

His recognition of the state’s obligation to fund community colleges at fair and sustainable levels not only highlights his commitment to their critical role in workforce development, but also to relieving the tuition burden that for far too long has fallen on the shoulders of students and their families.

I commend Speaker Silver’s decision to make this pledge on such a momentous day for the people of New York, and I in turn pledge SUNY’s support in working with the Speaker to help realize this increased investment in our state’s future.

    Nancy Zimpher

      Written by Nancy Zimpher

      Nancy Zimpher is the Chancellor of The State University of New York.



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