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Alumni Profiles: Like Father, Like Daughter

We recently came across something really unique and awesome here at GenerationSUNY!

A YouTube sensation, that once I tuned into one video to see what she was all about I couldn’t stop clicking for more. I was so intrigued with Victoria Hart, commonly known as Vi Hart, she has sparked a dormant interest in many, math.

Vi and her father, George both have SUNY connections as she is an alumna of Stony Brook University and he is a current research professor in the computer science department there. 

Hart is a self proclaimed Recreational Mathemusician. At a conference she attended at the age of 13 with her father, she knew she was hooked on math from there on out. After finishing her music degree as a senior, she created a musical piece which she called the “Harry Potter Septet.” The piece is in seven movements, one for each book. Hart spent roughly 14 months creating the piece, which is around 1.5 hours long.

Unable to find a suitable career post graduation Hart turned to her old notebooks and mathematical drawings she doodled during class.

Cue YouTube.

Hart began creating videos with her fast paced narrative and instruction with explanations for her drawings and mathematical ideas. Their popularity soared and she has even been able to profit from their extreme popularity.

Her most popular video, Doodling in Math Class: Infinity Elephants has nearly a million and a half views. Hart’s YouTube channel as a whole has 151,264 subscribers and a total of 12,329,394 views! You can also stay up to date through her blog and Facebook page.

Be sure to check out what she offers to math enthusiasts and those of us who could really learn a lot from her extensive knowledge.

Written by Megan Wolszczak



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  • We’re always happy when Stony Brook University alumni make an impact and share their knowledge!

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