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Onondaga Community College: Preparing the next generation of utility workers

In partnership with National Grid, Onondaga Community College offers a Line Worker Certificate designed to prepare the next generation of utility workers and help address the utility industry’s need to replenish its workforce. Baby boomers in the industry continue to retire in waves, and the need for qualified workers with math, science, and engineering skills has never been greater. Advances in utility technology and increasing investment in aging electric networks puts an emphasis on training individuals to be readily adaptable to meet industry changes.

Students complete their coursework at Onondaga and earn hands-on experience at National Grid in their fully energized simulation laboratory. The one year program will qualify graduates for line worker jobs at National Grid as well as other roles at other electrical utilities and related industries.  The program’s coursework can also be applied to a two year technology associates degree if desired.

For more information on Onondaga Community College’s Line Worker Certificate, click here.

      Written by Becky Schubmehl



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