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Sharing Stories About Ability, Education and Achievement with SUNY RF by John Robinson

This past week I had the honor to speak with the leadership of The Research Foundation for the State University of New York.

I have known and worked with SUNY RF in my past life with WMHT, but this was my first opportunity to share stories in this capacity. As I was speaking, I was thinking about what Our Ability’s Educational Department SUNY RF, and SUNY can accomplish together. Our Ability’s most ambitious goal is to educate people about inclusion and disability. I can’t think of better partners than SUNY and the RF to work with.

The chance to speak on this day came from a neighbor who works at the RF. Laurel McAdoo lives in the same town. I heard Laurel was asking around about how to get in contact with me. Laurel introduced me to the group by saying she stalked me! If the opportunity to speak to so many wonderful people who make the difference in many live takes a little stalking, then so be it!

I caught up with Peter Taubkin after our meeting. Peter and I originally met each other during my WMHT days (Peter with Time Warner), and we reminisced. More importantly, we spoke of our children’s hockey exploits!

Our personal connections are a wonderful bonus, but the opportunity to share stories with people who care remains my favorite part of speaking. That plus the chance to learn. I learned more about how SUNY research makes a difference in the lives of New Yorkers and people all around the world. Thank you Bonny Boice, Laurel McAdoo, Peter Taubkin and all SUNY RF for having me!

The Research Foundation

Written by The Research Foundation

The Research Foundation works with the academic and business leadership of campuses to support research and discovery at SUNY through the administration of sponsored projects and adept transfer and sharing of intellectual property for public benefit and economic growth.

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