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Say “Hi” to Our New Comment System

When we officially launched back in November, we had two big goals for this blog.

One was Generation SUNY’s mantra, “telling SUNY’s story to the world.” Nothing is more exciting than getting to share with you each day the great accomplishments, discoveries, and tales of our students, faculty, staff, and friends.

The other was to engage with you, the SUNY family. We chose a comment system that allowed you to login with practically any account you already had for a major social media platform – there was no reason for us to not hear from you.

Well, it turned out that comment system was built by a third party from our blog platform and didn’t always work in a smooth way. We were missing notifications that you had left us a note, it was difficult to sign in, and it just looked clunky on our site.

So today we are adopting a new comment system built specifically for our blogging platform. All of your previous comments will still be here. We hope you enjoy its simplicity, and we hope to hear from you even more!

The Generation SUNY Team

    David Belsky

      Written by David Belsky

      David is the Director of Marketing & Creative Services for The State University of New York.



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