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Chancellor Zimpher

Smoke Free SUNY, causing some smoke!

Earlier this month, the Board of Trustees passed a pledge to support a “Tobacco-Free SUNY” policy banning the use of tobacco on grounds and facilities and in vehicles owned, leased, or controlled by SUNY.


By doing so, SUNY would become the largest public university system nationwide to adopt a comprehensive tobacco-free policy. The resolution was reached by the Chancellor’s Task Force for a Tobacco-Free SUNY, where all walks of SUNY were represented- students, faculty, staff, administration and community partners.“SUNY has a responsibility to promote the health of our students, faculty, staff and visitors while they are on our campuses,” said SUNY Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher. “I commend the Board for making the health of these groups a priority and I look forward to working with legislative leaders to develop a state law that will make SUNY 100 percent tobacco-free by the end of next year.”

The full news release can be read here.

The response has been mixed. Some students and faculty believe this is right on board with SUNY’s Healthier NY promise while others believe it is an infringement on their personal choices.

However, some SUNY campuses already have their own campus policy on tobacco use.

This isn’t something exclusive to NY either.

Having never smoked a cigarette a day in my life and having seen the negative effects it can have on an individual, I personally (my opinions on this blog are not endorsed nor supported by SUNY, purely provided to initiate conversation) think it is a great opportunity to provide a healthy environment for SUNY culture. Campuses will no longer be littered with cigarette butts and you’ll no longer have to walk through a cloud of smoke exiting the lecture centers during a break period or from the library during finals crunch time.

Tell me what you think and how this resolution affects you personally or your SUNY campus. What suggestion or thought do you have that could gain both smokers and non-smokers support?

      Written by Megan Wolszczak



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