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Non Ivy League Alums Who Are Doing Just Fine

Despite what some people may think- success can come from a public or non ivy league education in college.

Tuesday morning I stumbled upon this article while doing my morning catch up of current events. Being a SUNY grad- it caught my eye and I had to read further. I was amazed at the notable names on the list- some of which I’ve heard time and time again and others I hadn’t the slightest clue they didn’t graduate from Harvard or Yale.

This isn’t means to put down ivy league educations, which have obviously proven their success in their own right. It is just refreshing to see the “other side” represented. You can view the article to read the whole list but I will provide you with a few quick examples of household names that began at SUNY. If you haven’t heard their name exactly, you can definitely recognize the company or industry they are behind.

Calvin Klein, fashion designer, Fashion Institute of Technology
Millard S. Drexler, CEO of J. Crew, University of Buffalo
Bob Herbert, former columnist, The New York Times, SUNY Empire State College
Joy Behar, comedian and co-host of “The View,” Stony Brook University

and a couple CUNY friends…

Colin Powell, former U.S. Secretary of State, The City College of New York
Woody Allen, comedian/filmmaker, The City College of New York

If you’re a frequenter of our blog or if you head back through our archives we have been featuring alums of all walks on our series of alumni profiles.

Who do you want me to reach out to next?

Written by Megan Wolszczak



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