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SUNY Art Exhibition puts artwork and talent on display

As the fall approaches, it signals the beginning of many things. In the world of academia, it signifies the start of a fresh new semester, and the beginning of a new student art exhibit at System Administration.

I cannot help but admire the artwork which adorned the historic building’s castle-like walls. From my first day in the building, the exhibit has been practically impossible to miss as I walk through the long gallery corridors every day. This Fall, the exhibit on display is the SUNY Art Student Exhibition Series – a multi-media exhibition that highlights the work of SUNY students from throughout it’s 64 campuses. The Exhibition allows for undergraduates and graduate students to showcase their work, while demonstrating the diversity and the variety among what our SUNY students are capable of doing.

As the exhibit has become part of my morning routine, it has also become part of Maxwell’s and Emily’s. So much so that we all thought we would share our favorites with you all!

Kyla Hill
Charcoal on paper
Jamestown Community College

I have always been one for simplicity, in life as well as in my own art. I was much immersed in my artwork as an adolescent, my preferred mediums being photography, pencil and charcoal. After documenting all the works of art, I found myself always going back to one particular piece. It is “Self Portrait” by Kyla HIll at Jamestown Community College.

The piece is simply a charcoal on paper drawing of the girl’s self-portrait, but she manages to capture such emotion in just the girl’s eyes, that it draws you in. I also took a liking to her dynamic use of light and texture, which I felt added another level of depth to the self-portrait. I enjoy pieces that make me stand back and think about the complexity of emotions running through an artist’s mind. The charcoal drawing to me is more than just a portrait; it is a quick glimpse into the soul of Kyla Hill.

Dustin Joyce
“Dynamic Lights”
Oil on Canvas
College of Ceramics, Alfred University

Maxwell’s Pick:

This art exhibit complements the architecture of the building so elegantly.   The mixture of medium and element between each piece offers a new angle for visitors at every passing.  And this is the very reason why choosing a most preferred piece was so difficult for me.  In fact, I couldn’t decide until this morning that my favorite display is “Dynamic Lights” by Dustin Joyce at Alfred University.  It depicts a city life with motion and light, which to me relays a sense of consistency—never resting—which appeals to me.  In fact, the oil on canvas piece reminds me of an image I would have as the lock screen on my phone!

Marta Dezio
“Disc Study”
SUNY College at Cortland

Emily’s Pick:

This is the third semester’s worth of student art I have seen showcased at the SUNY System Administration. With each new submission, I am more and more impressed by the quality of artwork that I get to see every day.  My favorite piece this semester is “Disc Study” by Marta Dezio of SUNY Cortland.

A picture doesn’t always capture it, but up close this is incredibly detailed and textured, and most likely took a great deal of time for the artist to create. With all of the patterns engraved in the piece, there is always something new to see.  I like its vintage quality and that it looks like it has been used for many years.

One of the things that I do in my spare time is read interior design magazines or blogs.  I don’t know what the intention of the piece is, but to me, it looks like the wall mounted part of a chandelier, a piece from a tin ceiling, or a ceremonial trophy.  Every time I walk past this, I stop to look at it and daydream what its use might be.  I hope other people admire and think about it, too.

While all of our selections are so very different, it speaks to the fact that SUNY just grows and grows with talent and creativity. No two pieces are alike, nor are they in any sense ordinary, if this first exhibit is any indication of the quality of talent I can expect, I look forward to the next.

All the artwork from this exhibition can be found in an album on The State University of New York (SUNY) Facebook so feel free to check it out, maybe even let us know which piece you enjoyed the most.


Written by Michelle Loza



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