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8 Things You Can Do to Help Your Neighbors

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy and its effects on East Coast, here is a countdown of eight things you can do to be a better neighbor during these tough times and moving forward.

8.  Broaden your perspective.  ​By studying abroad, you’re able to see global struggles that are completely foreign to your usual tasks.  In the end, you identify opportunities to help change lives and your own perspectives are transformed. Go >>

7.  Check on the elderly in your neighborhood.  Isolated, high-need people usually have others to monitor cases, but in the event of a wide-spread disaster, it’s much harder for those resources to be easily allocated.  So, keep an eye on seniors in your neighborhood to make sure they’re getting the care they need and deserve. Go >>

6.  Check on your friends who live off campus.  It’s probably the first time your friends have lived alone, and that can be good in many ways.  But it can also be dangerous if they don’t take the proper precautions to prepare themselves and their roommates for a possible power outage and further lack of utilities. Go >>

5.  Offer your home to close friends and family affected.   ​Chances are that victims of a disaster have many offerings to safety.  However, don’t assume that everyone has a place to go.  Offer family and close friends a place to lay dry for a few days.  They may end up returning the favor next time. Go >>

4.  Organize or join a storm relief volunteer group.  As we see the destruction all along the East Coast, dozens of nongovernmental groups are being mobilized to help the clean-up effort.  Extra hands are surely welcome. Go >>

3.  Help disperse information.  Use social media to relay your personal status if you’re in danger and to help keep others informed who may otherwise not have the means possible.  Follow federal and state emergency management Twitter accounts to help re-tweet and share information with others. Go >>

2.  Provide emergency supplies. ​ Even if you can’t lend your time to help the clean-up, a wide array of items are needed by our fellow citizens and friends throughout the affected zones.  The most efficient aid is a simple donation. Go >>

1.  Donate blood.  Whether or not your donation will be used to help victims of this disaster, it may be stored and be used in a wide range of applications that all have the sole purpose to saving a life in the months to come. Go >>


Cover Photo: SUNY Oswego, March 2011
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    Maxwell Morgan

      Written by Maxwell Morgan

      Maxwell was a Coordinator of Digital Engagement for The State University of New York.



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