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If the World Really Were to End… You’d Miss Out on these 5 “Earth-Shattering” SUNY Initiatives

SUNY and the world

SUNY Smart Track

What It Is: SUNY announced this campaign to combat student debt throughout New York and set a national model as college students across the country are taking on more loan debt than ever before.  It is the most proactive, comprehensive approach by any university system in the U.S. to address a growing national concern about the lack of transparency as it relates to college costs and financial aid, and the amount of federal loan debt accumulated by today’s college students.

When It Would Happen:  Smart Track is at six pilot campuses this school year, and will be implemented at all 64 SUNY campuses by Fall 2013.

What You’d Miss: Details

SUNY Goes Tobacco Free

What It Is: SUNY this year passed a resolution to support a “Tobacco-Free SUNY” policy and the development of New York State legislation that bans the use of tobacco on grounds and facilities and in vehicles owned, leased, or controlled by SUNY.  In doing so, SUNY becomes the largest public university system in the country to adopt a comprehensive tobacco-free policy.

When It Would Happen: By 2014

What You’d Miss: Details

Degree Works

​What It Is:  Aided by state and federal funding support, SUNY is implementing a standardized degree planning and audit tool – DegreeWorks – SUNY-wide.  DegreeWorks will allow students to plot the necessary coursework for their degrees and check progress at their “home” or even at a potential “transfer” campus.  An interesting  bonus feature of the proposed tool being developed especially for SUNY is a backward looking assessment; providing the potential to notify students who may have transferred just before receiving their degree at one institution, when they have secured enough credits at the second institution to have earned that degree!

When It Would Happen: Student access at pilot campuses is expected by Spring 2013, with the tool available to all campuses over the following year.

What You’d Miss: Details

Critical Issues in Higher Education Conference 2013

What It Is: A national conference hosted by SUNY on the latest issues, best practices, and newest improvements in higher education.  In 2012, the topic was “Harnessing Systemness, Delivering Performance.”  If the world were really to end, it wouldn’t matter what next year’s topic is.

When It Would Happen: ​Fall 2013

What You’d Miss: An event similar to this

SUNY Works

​What It Is:  ​A program that will bring cooperative education to college campuses statewide.  As part of the program, SUNY colleges throughout New York have established partnerships with local businesses and employers to formally integrate academic coursework with paid, on-the-job work experience in the students’ field of study.

When It Would Happen: Over the next two years

What You’d Miss: Details


And let’s not forget about the B. Martin/SUNY music video slated for release soon!

    Maxwell Morgan

      Written by Maxwell Morgan

      Maxwell was a Coordinator of Digital Engagement for The State University of New York.



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