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Why Go to College?

As the cost of a college degree keeps going up, more and more people find themselves asking if it’s even worth it to go to college. Why bother? Why spend the money?

Jamestown Community College campusAt Jamestown Community College‘s November 18 Open House on the Jamestown Campus, we decided to ask several college students and high schoolers why they were making the decision to go to college. The responses we got back were varied, including the standard, but usually not so bluntly stated, “Because I want to move out of my parent’s basement and move on with my life” to the more unexpected “Because I want to become one of the few women engineers and boss around all the men” and “Because I don’t want to live in a box.”

Those were only a few. Some wanted a college degree so that they could help others. Some wanted to become the first person in their family to earn a college degree. No two were quite alike, but running through almost all of the answers was the desire to do something great, to realize big ambitions and big dreams. And college, they knew, was the way to achieve those dreams. Check out the video below to see for yourself.




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