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2012 Year in Review – Student Mobility

Oneonta ClassAs we enter the new year, we thought we’d share some of the SUNY news you may have missed during 2012.

This year, SUNY worked to enhance student mobility and ease the burden of transferring between SUNY institutions with creation of SUNY Transfer Paths.

The SUNY Transfer Paths consist of four to six core courses within academic disciplines that are commonly taken in the first two years of study.  They were developed through faculty committees comprised of over 400 members from both two year and four year colleges.  The committees identified the core courses in each subject area and negotiated universal definitions for each course.

Currently, 37 Transfer Paths have been completed in the most popular transfer disciplines, which account for over 95% of all transfer students within the SUNY system.  Within the transfer paths, 137 generic courses have been created and defined.

At the campus level, over 14,000 courses have been mapped to the generic Transfer Path courses.  These core courses are guaranteed to transfer across all campuses within the SUNY system.  To ensure that the courses transfer, a system-wide appeals process has been put in place.

For more information on transferring within SUNY, click here.

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    Emily Schwartz

      Written by Emily Schwartz

      Emily Schwartz is the Coordinator of Open SUNY Communication and Projects.

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