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4 Tips for Midterms – and How to Prepare

Midterm Study TipsIt’s nearly time for midterms to begin!  So while you’re balancing finding a topic for your term paper, catching up on reading chapters for your quiz next Monday, and surviving the mid-semester slump, you need to find time and energy to prepare for midterms!

Here are four things to do to better prepare for midterms this semester and SUNY Oswego’s Alyssa Explaining time management:

1.   Write out your midterm schedule.  Yes, it seems rudimentary.  However, by simply writing out the schedule on a calendar, you get an idea of what you need to prioritize.  Fill in the rest of your week(s) with other commitments, like club meetings, your classes, and designated downtime (so you don’t get overwhelmed!).

2.   Review your syllabi.  What is the context of each test?  How many exams will be multiple choice, short answer, or essay?  Will you need to have read a literary piece beforehand?  Once you have expectations for each exam, you can begin to plan your study schedule.

3.   Project your study requirements.  After reviewing your syllabi, you have an idea of what you will know very well before the test, and what you need to catch up on.  You will likely have a good idea of your grasp in each class by this point in the semester (and if not, ask your instructor!), so be honest with yourself about how much you will actually have to study.  Write the projections on your calendar!

4.   Record study time.  Do this by crossing off each study session that you completed on your calendar.  It’s like a to-do list—and in that respect, actually benefits your entire body; it is speculated that your body releases endorphins upon each completion.   You’ll also be less stressed since you’re more prepared!


And, of course, you’ll need to get a good night’s sleep before each exam, eat healthy, and exercise!  If you get stressed, be sure to seek help from close friends or your campus’ counseling center.

Here’s a way to get started. Watch SUNY Oswego’s Alyssa Explains it All segment on Time Management below:

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    Written by Maxwell Morgan

    Maxwell was a Coordinator of Digital Engagement for The State University of New York.

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