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SUNY Mascot Madness – Round 1

SUNY Mascot Madness

Welcome to the First Annual GenerationSUNY Mascot Madness! This is a competition where YOU can decide who is the BEST SUNY mascot. We are excited to announce that this year’s contest includes 30 SUNY campuses representing 472 athletic teams and over 220,000 students!

Mascot Madness bracket

Over our 64 campuses, SUNY has 80 NCAA Division I, 290 NCAA Division III, and 385 NJCAA athletics teams, not to mention teams in other athletics associations and club teams! Our mascots work so hard cheering on every SUNY student athlete – why not cheer them on?

We’ve interviewed each competing mascot to learn a little more about them… Where they are from, what their favorite school event is, even what their favorite foods are. You’ll learn what it is that make these dedicated supporters of SUNY athletic teams, students and alumni tick.

Round 1:

Round 1 begins today and ends Sunday, March 10 at 11:00pm. The votes will then be counted and the winners will move on to round two beginning Tuesday. Vote for your favorite mascot in each match up and help us decide who winds up on top!


[poll id="3"]

Learn about the mascotsRound 1 Game 1: Purchase vs New Paltz

[poll id="4"]

Learn about the mascotsRound 1 Game 2: Buffalo State vs Maritime

[poll id="5"]

Learn about the mascotsRound 1 Game 3: Geneseo vs Jamestown

[poll id="6"]

Learn about the mascotsRound 1 Game 4: Oneonta vs Rockland

[poll id="7"]

Learn about the mascotsRound 1 Game 5: Alfred State vs Canton

[poll id="8"]

Learn about the mascotsRound 1 Game 6: Farmingdale vs Genesee CC

[poll id="9"]

Learn about the mascotsRound 1 Game 7: Delhi vs ESF

[poll id="10"]

Learn about the mascotsRound 1 Game 8: Potsdam vs Morrisville

[poll id="11"]

Learn about the mascotsRound 1 Game 9: Herkimer vs SUNYIT

[poll id="12"]

Learn about the mascotsRound 1 Game 1: Stony Brook vs Tomkins Cortland

[poll id="13"]

Learn about the mascotsRound 1 Game 11: Binghamton vs SUNY Orange

[poll id="14"]

Learn about the mascotsRound 1 Game 12: Plattsburgh vs Erie CC

[poll id="15"]

Learn about the mascotsRound 1 Game 13: Cobleskill vs Niagara CC

[poll id="16"]

Learn about the mascotsRound 1 Game 14: UBuffalo vs Adirondack CC



Emily Schwartz

Written by Emily Schwartz

Emily Schwartz is the Coordinator of Open SUNY Communication and Projects.

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There are 65 comments

  • maria says:


  • Mitch says:

    Hey, When are we going to be able to vote in Round 2?

  • Paul Vester says:

    Paul, Alumnus 1973 , Go Mustangs !

  • Larry says:

    Wow Canton’s mascot is the ugliest and dumbest I have ever seen or heard of. Just terrible. The same group must be voting for them over and over.

  • G says:

    Does the winning school receive anything?

  • James says:

    Mustang pride! As if there was any doubt. Didn’t you guys see the end of Revenge of the Nerds?

  • Alex says:

    Well, SUNY Potsdam’s Max C. Bear may have lost, but he scored more votes than any other mascot (excluding Morrisville) and most brackets combined! We may have lost, but we still did a pretty great job!

    On to the Kangaroo!

  • Kay says:

    Mustangs scorch the bears! Only match-up to reach 10,000 though,

  • Amy says:

    Go Coby Tigers!

  • Joseph says:


  • Dan M. says:

    Where’s Oswego?

  • Bob '65 says:

    Enrollment: SUNY Maritime 1,661. SUNY Buffalo 19,334. Just saying. Go Privateers!!

  • maddie says:

    Stupmie Pride all day, every day. (Plus Oakie is the cutest mascot.)

  • Kay says:

    MUSTANGS! Obviously the haters are gonna hate- two or three want to eat us and one wants to ride us. Good thing we can’t be corralled!

  • alexisholmok says:

    Our super creative logo is like the one without a mascot, not like the students here have seen it either… Smh

  • Lauren says:

    It’s so awesome to see all the Stumpie support! Talk about school pride 🙂 Go Mighty Oaks! … Stumpies4Life!

  • JG says:

    Where is the UAlbany Great Danes mascot????!!! C’mon, your most successful (by Conference championships) Division 1 school doesn’t even get on the bracket?

    • Mitch Tomaszkiewicz says:

      I believe they chose not to participate so Capital District let’s jump on the SUNY Cobleskill Fighting Tiger and Adirondack Timberwolf Bandwagons!!!!!

      • Taras Kufel Generation SUNY says:

        We reached out to Damian at UAlbany and the Fredonia Blue Devil, but they were not able to participate in this year’s competition. Fingers crossed for next year though!

  • Lets go Fighting Tigers.

  • Ray says:

    Burghy caught my eye 😛

  • JJ says:

    Absolutely, Stumpies Rule!

  • Tiffany says:

    woot woot! I proud Seawolves Alumni!!!

  • valkeri says:

    What’s a Morrisville?

  • Robert Cooper says:

    ESF is indeed deeply rooted, and should leaf the competitors in the dust!!

  • Mike Ragan says:

    Stumpies rule!!!

  • Rob says:

    Also why isn’t SUNY Brockport listed???

    • Frank says:

      If you look closer at the bracket, once the suny potsdam/morrisville vote comes in, Then the winner faces off against brockport. So basically brockport has already “won” round 1.

  • BadhamBrigade says:

    Wow way to leave out Oswego but include CC’s. I mean we don’t have the best mascot but we have the best Logo. Some like Alfred State dont have a picture of a mascot either.

    • OswegoEric says:

      Heck yea. I mean, The ESF “Mighty Oaks” get represented but the “Lakers” don’t? At least we can move!

      • NutLover says:

        First of all- what the heck is a Laker? Second of all, acorns play a MUCH more important ecological role than a “Laker” (again, whatever the hell that is). And acorns can move! They have many dispersal agents. I mean Oakie came all the way from England! GO MIGHTY OAKS! GO OAKIE!

  • Aimee says:

    I agree! Let’s see Wolfie!

  • NutLover says:

    GO MIGHTY OAKS!!!!!!!

  • says:

    Jayhawks Rule! Go Jamestown!

  • Mitch Tomaszkiewicz says:

    The Fighting Tiger Mascot Has Excellent Answers to the Profile Questions!!!!!!!

  • Janice says:


  • Terry Bitka says:

    What about Great Danes of Albany?

  • Starr says:


  • Jonathan says:

    Go Banana!

  • Brent says:

    Where is the UAlbany Great Danes??????

  • Kelli says:

    Colleges should be matched up by size at this point to make it more fair (and would not favor my choice, Stony Brook) – but I prefer a fair fight!

    • Colin Hostetter says:

      I completely agree!!! schools with large populations in theory will beat a smaller school every time because they have more students

      • Jo says:

        Look at UB vs Adirondack…. right now a dead heat. UB has 27000+ student, Adirondack around 4000. And ESF is has nearly doubled up on Delhi, with half the student population

  • A says:

    Go Benji!!

  • Maria says:

    Lets go SUNY Canton!!!!

  • Pat McCarthy says:

    Great idea!

  • Jo says:

    You should put up the Seawolves logo, not just the SB, to match all the other colleges.

  • Mary says:

    Where is SUNY Fredonia?!

  • Heather says:

    How long will voting last for Round 1?

  • Jess says:

    Sad to see SUNY Cortland not represented… =(

  • Kristen says:

    NCCC are the Thunderwolves… not Trailblazers anymore.

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