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5 Ways to Make it Through Summer Classes

5 ways to make it through summer classes

As graduations begin this weekend to award thousands of SUNY students with their hard-earned degrees and certificates, thousands more will soon begin summer sessions. This alternative education option is available at nearly every SUNY campus across New York State and is attended by students coming home or visiting from every corner of the globe.

Given the nature of most summer classes — short and a ton of material — it can sometimes be difficult to effectively manage time and energy between school and the beautiful New York summer.  So, in order to help you complete your summer classes and succeed, we’ve put together five quick tips for you to check off from start to finish!

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1. Make sure you’re enrolled

If you’re looking to get a few credits this summer but from closer to home, sign up for courses at a local community college. If that isn’t an option, check what courses your school offers online! With online classes you can be anywhere, even on vacation, while getting your work done. Not only can this save you time in the long-run, but money, too!

2. Cover your costs

Financial aid is usually set up to cover two semesters in a year, so make sure your summer session financial situation is taken care of. This includes tution (that will probably be paid for by the credit hour if you’re not taking a full summer semester) and other traditional college costs like textbooks and housing.  The best way to determine your eligibility for financial aid, or to get a complete picture of costs, is to chat with your campus’ financial aid office.

3. Living Arrangements

While enrolling in summer sessions and squaring away your finances, don’t forget that you will need a place to live! If you’re from out-of-town and live in campus housing during the fall and spring semesters, check with your school for campus housing via the residential life website. If you have an apartment on or off campus, you probably don’t have to worry.

4. Balance your schedule

Summer is short, but precious!  With summer sessions lasting only about 4-6 weeks, the work can accumulate rather quickly—so make sure to be clear with potential employers about your academic commitments. If you have an internship this summer while taking classes, check the sponsoring college’s requirements for hours worked.  Pro-Tip: Write out your calendar!

5. Have fun and enjoy New York State!

Most importantly, have fun! Just because it’s a busy summer with classes and/or work does not mean you can’t enjoy your summer break. Take time off and get away for a few days or even just to relax at home.

It can be hard to have any motivation to make it to class when the sun is shining and your friends are calling. Even though summer sessions are shorter than a regular semester, they should be taken just as seriously. Persevere through sunny days and attend your classes!

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Written by Samantha Avillo

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