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5 Gift Ideas For A SUNY Student: 2013 Edition

 5 Gift Ideas for a SUNY Student - students sitting around a fireplace.

For most of us, this is the season of giving. For us SUNY students, giving means a lot of things–which you can see for yourself by browsing our 30 Days of Giving series here on the Generation SUNY blog. For others, giving in the form of gifts to us students is another way to support our love to learn; however, it can be challenging to find the right gift for a college student!  This year, I highlight five gift ideas that the typical SUNY student would love.

1. Headphones: For the everyday college student, a pair of high quality headphones can be an essential item. It can be used to block out a noisy college roommate, share music with a good friend, or block out noise as you study in the campus center. Headphones are great on the ride back home or when you’re walking to class. My favorite pair is Beats by Dre because they have noise-cancelling and top-notch sound qualities–the perfect way to listen to my favorite songs.

2. A Getaway Trip: After taking finals and exams, a vacation is what a typical college student needs. What’s more perfect than buying a college student a round-trip plane ticket for spring break or after graduation. It’s a perfect chance to relax before returning back to school or work. (Need help making the sell? Just say, “It’s for my health!”)

3. Career Support: Most students attending college do so in order to capture an exciting career following (or during) the certificate or degree achievement. Some basic items that can be gifted to help in this effort are job advice books, a personal reference or referral, a portfolio, a business card holder, or even a sharp suit for the guys and spruced wear for the girls!

4. Apple TV/Google Chromecast: If you are not going on vacation or studying abroad during the holidays, a great way to spend your free time is to catch up on all of your favorite shows and watch new ones that you may have missed. Google Chromecast is a great gadget to stream programs from your smartphone or tablet into a HDTV. If you have a Netflix or Hulu subscription, Apple TV is a great option to view your all of your favorite shows as well.

5. Backup phone charger: Hate when your cellphone runs out of power while in class or at work. Something like the Anker Backup Cell Phone Charger is the perfect gift for someone always on the go. It is a small lip-stick sized device that recharges your cellphone and can add up to an additional 9 hours of additional talk time to your phone.  I keep one in my backpack just in case!


Want more ideas?  Check out our gift suggestions from 2012!

Shaniese Alston

Written by Shaniese Alston

Shaniese Alston was a student assistant in the Office of New Media of the State University of New York for the fall 2013 academic semester while a student at the University at Albany.

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  • Ben says:

    Give me a mac book air 😀

  • Headphone and back up phone charger

  • apple product always is good choice for student gift

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