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50 Reasons to Attend SUNY

Why you should attend a suny school now

As the nation’s largest comprehensive educational system, SUNY offers a wide range of programs, campuses, and locations to choose from. We proudly serve over 460,000 current students, with a never ending goal to ensure that each individual receives an affordable, unparalleled education that prepares them for what lies ahead in the future. SUNY’s commitment to providing students with a diverse curriculum, accessibility, and opportunity is what makes SUNY the leader in public higher education.

At SUNY, we understand the inevitable struggle and pressure that comes with applying to college. There are an endless amount of factors that can be weighed when determining what college is right for you, which makes the process even more grueling. Whether you’re searching for a college with low tuition costs, a nearby location, a specific academic program, or a certain NCAA division, each college search is unique to the individual.

But what if this quest for the perfect school could be made a little more… easy? That’s why we compiled a list of why you should attend SUNY. With 64 campuses throughout the state of New York and a myriad of diverse academic programs, SUNY has what you are looking for.

Here are 50 reasons you should attend SUNY:

1. There are 64 campuses around the state of New York to choose from.

2. We offer more than 7,000 academic programs.

3. Your family will love you for the low cost of tuition.

SUNY tuition compared to selected states, 2010-11
4. (And so will you.)

5. Oh, and also President Obama.

Obama Politico SUNY Quote
6. We offer 22,000 courses online so you can take classes, study, or earn a degree on your own schedule.

7. We’re not too far away. Half the population of New York lives within five miles of a SUNY campus and 99.8%  live within 30 miles.


8. We offer a course on ‘Breaking Bad‘.


9. We offer a course on tree climbing.


10. We even offer a business certificate in Pet Fashion Design & Apparel.

FIT Pet Fashion Class

11. You can join our alumni network of 3 million, which includes, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Natalie Merchant, Al Roker, Stanley Tucci, and the guy who invented Mapquest.

Notable SUNY Alumni
12. We host over 80 Division I athletic programs.

University at Buffalo Division I SUNY Athletics

13. And have a total of almost 1000 athletic teams and intramurals, including everything from basketball, lacrosse, golf, and even quidditch.

SUNY Geneseo Quidditch

14. Our student population is larger than the populations of Iceland and Aruba—combined.

SUNY student population versus Iceland and Aruba
15. We have more than 45 amazing college mascots, including a seawolf, acorn, and a bearcat.

16. And every year, we host a contest to name “New York’s favorite college mascot.”


17. Our faculty include professors that are industry professionals​, distinguished researchers and doctors, and dedicated educators.

18. We provide you with internship opportunities and work experience through SUNY Works.


19. Our campuses provide students with career counseling to prepare you for entering into the workforce.

20. There is a good chance of meeting the person you will marry on campus. (Actually, about a 1 in 51 chance.)

SUNY Enrollment vs Marriages

21.There is diversity among students. Our students aren’t just from New York; many hail from all around the world.

22. Our ODEI programs are designed to embrace this diversity and recognize the achievements of individuals from different backgrounds.

23. We offer over 600 overseas study abroad programs in more than 60 countries and all 7 continents.


24. You can apply to multiple SUNY schools in one step with Apply SUNY.

25. More than 40 of our 64 campuses have been named military friendly by G.I. Jobs Magazine. We are also in the top 15% of colleges nationwide in offering the best overall experience for military students.


26. Each campus has professionally trained financial aid counselors to help you make the financial aid process as easy as possible for you, whether you’re a student, in the military, a veteran, or continuing your studies.

27. We even have a Net Price Calculator so you can calculate the cost of tuition based on your specific situation.

28. Not to brag, but we’re repeatedly on the list of best colleges in the nation, including rankings on U.S News Best Colleges, Princeton Review, and Kiplinger’s.


29. Including 85 of our programs ranked on U.S. News’ ‘Best Graduate’ tracks for 2015…

University at Buffalo Graduate Programs Best

30. 5 of our programs ranked on Kiplinger’s ‘Best Colleges’ for value and size…

2014 Kiplinger’s ‘Best Colleges’ for value and size

31. And 9 of our campuses ranked once again on U.S. News’ ‘Best Value’ for public colleges.

best value public colleges for 2014

(Yeah, that was actually bragging.)

32. We offer opportunity; our 2+2 Program and Seamless Transfer between SUNY campuses guarantee you admission into a four-year SUNY college if you obtain an A.A. or A.S. degree from a two-year SUNY or CUNY campus.

33. Continuing your education is made more affordable and accessible with SUNY’s 27 graduate schools around New York offering a combined 2,000 academic programs to choose from.

34. Our researchers have discovered better ways to predict snowfall, expand industry knowledge of cancer drugs, and developed glowing plants that might light up our streets one day.

Bioluminescent Tree

35. Don’t just take it from us. Take it from the 2,885,054 SUNY alumni, who comprise of about 12% of New York’s population.


36. Or, hear what these 274 SUNY students have to say:

[iframe width=”670″ height=”377″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

37. Or, Al Roker:

[iframe width=”670″ height=”377″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

38. Nearly 23,000 students are international students from 160 nations around the globe.

39. We provide pre-academic learning courses in the English language at several campuses to help international students best adapt to the campus and culture.

40. We know transferring schools is a big decision. That’s why we’re here to help you; more than 45% of our baccalaureate graduates begin as transfer students.

41. We even have our own “anthem”.

[iframe width=”670″ height=”377″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

42. We offer degree planning tools to easily and quickly track your progress toward earning a degree.

43. All SUNY alumni have free access to SUNY Perks, an online discount program giving you discounts to a variety of services, products, and places including Walmart, Best Buy, and Home Depot.

44. You can study at SUNY Korea, the first American university program ever to be established in Korea.


45. Most of our campuses offer convenient on and off campus housing in a variety of different styles.


46. There are over 3,700 student organizations throughout our SUNY campuses, including academic, athletics, honor societies, and Greek life.

47. You can ask us anything, at any time, through our Facebook and Twitter.



48. SUNY is the #beautiful64.

[iframe src=”//” width=”612″ height=”710″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” allowtransparency=”true”]

49. We host SUNY Music Madness every year on blog.SUNY for the SUNY community to vote for their favorite original artist or band from across New York.


50. Our Chancellor, Nancy Zimpher, really is the coolest.



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    Written by Olivia Santo

    Olivia is a former student assistant in the Office of New Media for the State University of New York. She is an undergraduate direct and interactive marketing major with a minor in economics at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, NY.

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