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College’s Organic Rooftop Changes Colors With The Seasons

SUNY Purchase Rooftop

Along with SUNY’s ongoing initiative to create a greener environment, SUNY Purchase’s School of Art and Design is about to get a state-of-the-art green roof that changes colors with the seasons. Designed by NYC-based dlandstudio, the rooftop will be blanketed by a variety of greenery for a varied, picturesque look throughout the year.

The innovative and eco-friendly rooftop will feature different species of sedum and other low-lying perennials which will change color depending on the time of the year. Each season, one group will lie dominate over the rooftop, alternating the landscape between colors of reds, yellows, and greens.


suny purchase rooftop seasons


The rooftop is much more than a scenic addition to SUNY Purchase’s campus; the new installation will improve stormwater management, thermal and energy performance, and the durability of the building. Preservation of the roof will be insured through a one-year maintenance contract that comes with the pre-grown modular planting panels.

To further improve the sustainability of the roof, insulation will be replaced with an absorptive layer to protect the roof from water damage in addition to a drainage mat to prevent clogging. The current roof will be replaced in its entirety, besides a portion of the quaint copper roof sloped above the east side of the building.

Dlandstudio, the architecture firm known for its sustainable infrastructure projects around New York City, plan to strategically position the greenery on the roof to insure a blend of colors throughout the year. The predominant species on the landscape include a “white form” sedum so that more colorful perennials and succulents such as the bright Summer Glory and Ice Plant can pop out.

Slated to begin construction this year, the new rooftop will provide new learning opportunities to students and faculty along with a scenic, environmentally-friendly landscape.



Olivia Santo

Written by Olivia Santo

Olivia is a former student assistant in the Office of New Media for the State University of New York. She is an undergraduate direct and interactive marketing major with a minor in economics at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, NY.




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