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Data Focus on Transfer Paths

Are you headed to a four-year SUNY campus or one of New York’s community colleges this fall? Or do you attend an out-of-state or private university? Although many students don’t enter college with the possibility of transferring on their mind, transferring can provide students a great opportunity to find a better fit, change their focus or major, or prepare for their career.

About one in three college students in the US chooses to transfer at some point. Whether you’re already enrolled at a SUNY campus or thinking about making the switch, SUNY makes it easy.

We looked at the data and broke down transfer patterns within the SUNY system to see what they say about transfer activity:

SUNY transfer data graph

Data showing the transfer rates of various student types into SUNY schools, from 2009-1013. (9% of total =unknown origin)


The largest numbers of students entering SUNY as transfers come from other US institutions, including public universities not in New York State, and private colleges. International students also add to SUNY enrollments.

Many transfers also happen within the system. One of the benefits of SUNY is that students have access to a huge number of possible transfer paths. About 7% of those at four-year campuses will make the jump to another, as do 9% of those at SUNY Community Colleges. On top of that, when students at Community College want to take advantage of a four-year education, they’re able to: 30% of transfers alone are from community colleges directly to other SUNY campuses, including the university centers.

As the data shows, regardless of where you start your college career, SUNY gives students from around the world huge opportunities to complete their degrees.

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    Written by Jack Fischer

    Jack was a student assistant in the Office of Communications of the State University of New York in summer 2014 as an undergraduate student at Binghamton University majoring in computer science.




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