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The Value of Homecoming for Alumni

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Homecoming season at our college campuses offers many opportunities for students and alumni to network, socialize, and experience campus life together. Alumni often take advantage to return to campus to take part in the day’s festivities and relive their time on campus, share memories while building new ones, and catch up on what has happened since graduation. We’re all curious at times… Did the dorm you stayed in change? Did the beloved science professor retire? Is the gathering spot under the willow tree still together? There’s one way to really find out. We’ve put together some reasons why all alumni should take advantage of the opportunity to return to campus during the annual homecoming festivities.

  1. Reconnect with Your Classmates and Friends – College is a time where many make lifelong friends and connections. As the years go by, people move, settle down, establish careers, and start families. Homecoming is the perfect time to reunite with the important people who helped make your college experience memorable and find out what they have done in life. There’s no better place to reconnect than the place where the friendship began! Not only do you get to share old memories, you get to share pride in your alma mater!
  2. Check-in with Your Professors and Mentors – During your time on campus, many students make connections with faculty or administrators that set them on their career path. If there was a professor or staff member who helped you along the way, Homecoming is a great weekend to reconnect with someone who made a change in your life. Maybe some of the faculty or administrators who guided you through school have now accomplished new things and achieved new successes that you could learn about.
  3. Meet the Students – During Homecoming weekend, current students are out and about showcasing pride for the campus. Join the students as they carry the torch! Not only can you find out about the current culture of your campus but you can share your insight with the students. Also, the potential for networking is very high. A connection between a student and alumni is of great value in today’s workforce. You can meet a potential mentee!
  4. See Campus Improvements – Campuses undergo changes regularly through the years. Your favorite lecture hall from when you were an undergrad student may have been renovated with an all new look and feel. The athletic facilities may offer new cutting-edge resources. Come back to campus to see how current students are making use of the facilities that you once did and how they compare.
  5. Give Back! – Many alumni wonder how they can give back to the campus that helped shape their future. At Homecoming, there are opportunities to volunteer or to learn about the philanthropic possibilities. Lending a helping hand to your campus is a great way for alumni to make an impact during this momentous weekend and beyond.
  6. Quench Your Nostalgia and Make New Memories – You’re back in the town you call home! Go to your favorite shops, eat your favorite meal, visit your past dorms or apartments. Tap into those great memories right where they were made! Bring your family and friends and show them what you love about your college and its community and help the next generation prepare to join the SUNY family.

Are you returning to a SUNY campus for homecoming this month? Share with us your reasons on Twitter or Facebook.

Written by Tracy Soren




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