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3 Transfers & 25 Years Later: A Degree Completed with Open SUNY

Scott Bryant standing at a podium

Not all paths to degree completion are created equal. While many students choose to attend college directly after high school and graduate in four years, many other students pursue a less traditional path. The flexibility of Open SUNY allows students to further their education with online courses, start a new degree, or even complete a degree they started years ago – which was exactly the case for SUNY alum Scott Bryant.

Graduating from high school in 1988, Scott immediately began working full-time while taking classes at Raritan Valley Community College in New Jersey. He then transferred three times – first to Kean University, then to Fairleigh Dickinson University, and finally to the University at Albany in 2008 with 90 credits completed. “I took the non-traditional route. This has been a long journey,” Scott told us. Traveling domestically and internationally for work made it nearly impossible for him to physically attend classes. His solution? “Online classes were the only way to go for me.” And that online experience helped Scott obtain his B.A. in Rhetoric and Communications.

opensuny website screenshotHowever, it wasn’t until Scott received a postcard in the mail about Open SUNY that he discovered the value of being able to complete his degree online. “Had I not received that post card,” Scott says, “along with the promise of finishing 100% online, I don’t think I would have finished this quickly.” With Open SUNY, Scott was able to take all of the classes that were required to complete his degree, all conforming to his schedule and needs at home. “I learned that taking classes online is making it possible for adults like me to finish their degrees.”

Some people may wonder if an online path is right for them. Being a part of both sides, Scott can offer advice for current students looking to obtain a degree on time. “If you can afford to go to college for four years right after high school, you should do it. If you need to work to support  yourselves or family, you should still try to take a few classes online. Online learning was fantastic (for me). Stay local and encourage SUNY to offer more online classes and degrees.”

Scott even mentions how the Open SUNY website and it’s easy to access information helped him understand online learning easily. Like Scott, you can visit the Open SUNY website today to learn how SUNY can provide you with an educational experience tailored to your interests and needs, from the comfort of your home. And just like Scott, with the most comprehensive Seamless Transfer policy in the nation recently announced at SUNY, you can be sure that credits earned from past experience at a SUNY campus will transfer with you as you work towards completing that degree, bringing you one step closer to success.

Scott Bryant and his son at a lake

Scott Bryant and his son enjoying a day outside at a lake.


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Serah Shahar

Written by Serah Shahar

Serah was a social media intern in the SUNY Office of New Media, having graduated from the University at Albany with Business Administration degree with concentrations in marketing and finance and minors in economics and communications.

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  • Jeff says:

    A very inspirational piece about the power of education, technology and access!!! Thanks for sharing!!

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