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Kicking The Addiction With The Great American Smokeout

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Did you know that more than a half-million New Yorkers live with serious smoking-caused illnesses and disabilities? Every November, the American Cancer Society dedicates the third Thursday of the month to encourage tobacco users to face their addiction and finally give up smoking. Stopping smoking is associated with lowered risk for many types of cancer, including lung cancer; as well as reduced risk for heart disease, stroke, peripheral vascular disease, respiratory symptoms, lung diseases, and infertility.

This year, the Great American Smokeout event will take place on November 19th – and SUNY will be participating year-round in support of a Healthier NY. From cessation sessions to many other events to help teach people of the risks of lung cancer and how to quit smoking, campuses across New York State are taking action against this dangerous practice.

SUNY Takes Action

On January 1st, 2016, Stony Brook University is going tobacco-free! In anticipation of this milestone, there will be a full roster of events in November – including a Great American Smokeout event on campus.

In addition to a Great American Smokeout event, Upstate Medical University will be hosting a Lung Cancer Vigil and Reception on November 19th to recognize lung cancer survivors and raise awareness about the disease.

Many more of the SUNY campuses will also be hosting events surrounding the Great American Smokeout, including SUNY Buffalo State, SUNY Cobleskill, and SUNY Cortland.

Additionally, SUNY strives to contribute to a Healthier NY year-round with our commitment to a Tobacco-Free SUNY. The health of New Yorkers is essential to the state’s economic success – and few organizations can address New York’s health care challenges as powerfully as SUNY can. We have already taken many steps in support of this mission, including:

  • Healthier NY (SUNY Strategic Plan) Initiative
  • Task force dedicated includes, broad representation from stakeholders – faculty, students, regional, state groups
  • Board of Trustees resolution
  • Work group formed – includes student representation
  • Legislation developed and introduced in Senate and Assembly
  • Engaged national expert on tobacco-free initiatives to assist campus implementations
  • Annual Regional educational workshops
  • Implemented internal Tobacco-Free SUNY listserv dedicated to campus staff to share ideas, questions, resources and models-in-progress

It is important to be responsible about what we are educating while students are within our campus environment. As SUNY moves toward this cultural shift and implementation, this policy will help SUNY to effect real change and educate students about the benefits of being part of a responsible community, which include health, sustainability, social justice, and respect –for ourselves, for the planet, and for each other.

Serah Shahar

Written by Serah Shahar

Serah was a social media intern in the SUNY Office of New Media, having graduated from the University at Albany with Business Administration degree with concentrations in marketing and finance and minors in economics and communications.




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