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Recognizing the Work of Our University Police to Create a Safe Environment

University at Buffalo police officers near squad car. It’s not uncommon to be nervous or afraid to walk home alone at night. This feeling can affect students at campuses all across the United States. After all, college students are living away from home for the first time and are learning to adapt to a new environment without the comforts of home.

New York State University PoliceAt SUNY, we are taking great strides to combat this fear and any dangers made present on our campuses. Some of these steps are simple student measures such as Don’t Walk Alone. But others are much larger organized endeavors. And no group does more to help create a safe environment on campus than the University Police. These officers, who all go through New York State Department of Criminal Justice Standards for Police Officers, train hard and work hard to create the safest possible student experience.

And it’s a tough job to have. These officers must stay alert, even as we hope there is never a need for them. With SUNY campuses covering so much of New York State, there are some times when these officers are required to respond to emergencies. These responders deserve recognition, which is why the University Police hold the SUNY Chiefs Association Awards each year. Each of the award nominees has demonstrated an ability to respond appropriately to emergencies and keep students safe during the prior year. Whether these officers were responding to threats of violence, potential drug overdoses, or even (as was the case for one officer) assisting on the scene of a downed plane, they all go above and beyond expectations.

They have the training, experience, and quick-thinking to protect students on and off campus. And SUNY is proud to recognize the hard work of these brave officers.

The complete list of awards and recognitions can be viewed below.

University Police 2015 SUNY Chiefs Association award winners

University Police award winners at the 2015 SUNY Chiefs Association Awards banquet.

Rewards for Heroism:

Officer: Lieutenant Ladd Dawson, Officer Steven Tracy, Officer Chad Burns
Campus: SUNY Delhi

Officer: (Deputy Chief) Lieutenant Bruce Redden, Officer Lawrence Hamilton, Officer Jason Fanning
Campus: University at Stonybrook


Rewards for Professionalism:

Officer: Officers Brian J. Bidell, Robert B. Fletcher, Kenneth A. Herberger, Kevin P. Sullivan
Campus: SUNY Buffalo State

Officer: Officer Jen Olin
Campus: SUNY Cortland

Officer: Lieutenant Timothy Hess
Campus: SUNY Delhi

Officer: Officer Philip Borden
Campus: Binghamton University

Officer: Officer Kevin Racioppo
Campus: SUNY Purchase

Officer: Lieutenant Scott Marciszewski
Campus: University at Buffalo

Officer: Officer John Sindoni
Campus: University at Buffalo

Officer: Communications Officer Robert Adamski
Campus: University at Buffalo


Awards for Students:

Student: Justin Quiles – Dr. Bruce McBride Student Achievement Award
Campus: SUNY Morrisville

Student: Karli Kukula – Harris Family Student Personal Safety Achievement Award
Campus: SUNY Alfred


In addition, retirees Bruce McBride, Chief Arlene Sabo (Plattsburgh), and Chief Michael Yanniello (Old Westbury) were recognized for their service. We thank all of our university police officers for working to ensure order and safety at all of the campuses across New York.

Written by Kay Broughton

Kay is a student assistant with the SUNY Office of New Media. She is a University at Albany undergraduate working towards a double major in English and East Asian studies with a double minor in communications and film.

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