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10 Apps Every College Student Needs – Fall 2016

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Now that you’re almost settled into school and probably already accustomed to the new semester its time to get organized! Mobile apps are bigger than ever and more convenient for everyone. With apps ranging from productivity to entertainment, there are numerous new apps out there every day designed to make our lives easier. It’s customary here now at the beginning of each semester to go through new app recommendations, but these lists need updating all the time.

Here is a list of useful mobile apps every college student should have to make the fall semester a breeze in 2016. If you feel we missed any, be sure to comment down below or let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.


EasyBib1.EasybibYou can now save hours of work by using this mobile app to automatically cite all the information you have used from books, websites, journals and films. While they do have a website as well, the mobile app lets you scan the barcode of a book to pull up all the information and cite it immediately. Efficiency!

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Mint.com2. – As you become more independent in your college setting you might find yourself struggling with your personal finances. Mint is designed to help you track your finances by organizing expenses into categories to visually see what your money is going toward. Other features include creating savings plans and tips on how to improve your credit score.

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Alarmy3. Alarmy (Sleep if You Can)– If you find yourself hitting snooze and accidentally going back to sleep, this is the app for you! This app forces you to physically or mentally wake up depending on the settings you choose. You could either take a picture of something it asks of you, like your bathroom sink, or do a math problem to stop the alarm. You won’t ever have to worry about over-sleeping again.

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4. Square Cash – Splitting the bill becomes easier with Square Cash. Square cash gives you the options of depositing the money into your bank account the next day at no charge, or depositing the money on the same day with a 1% fee. A simple way to pay or request payment from friends and family.

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5. CourseraThe classroom is moving online for many students. OpenSUNY is our way of taking your learning to cyberspace, and some OpenSUNY classes are available through Coursera. Through Coursera, classes known as MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are available to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge on a number of topics, and they are all free! MOOCs are seen as a great way to introduce yourself to a topic you have interest in and gauge when you are ready to enter a full curriculum for deeper learning.

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Headspace6. Headspace – Meditation has been around for thousands of year, now you can learn how to mediate on your own time with this app. Meditation has proven to have a positive effect on stress, anxiety and relationships in your life. So take a study break and relax yourself!


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Evernote7. EvernoteDon’t get lost without your work again. Evernote lets you access your work from any device. You can create to-do lists, clip web content, and share your project notes with anyone, giving you another great way to work on group projects. Whether its text, image, or documents, you can use the search bar to navigate through your notes and pull out exactly what it is you are looking for.

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Key Ring8. Key Ring – As you approach full-blown adulthood, you begin realizing the benefits of loyalty programs and begin opening up rewards point cards left and right. Save the space in your wallet and keep it all in this app! Key Ring allows you to have all your loyalty rewards programs on your phone, making it easier to get your points and to make sure never forget your card again!

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Wish App9. Wish – Get everything you want for your dorm room through Wish! As college students we are constantly looking for ways to save money but obtain all the goodies we want. By not using speedy shipping, costs are lowered and passed on to you, the shopper. Wish offers items up to 80% off from regular store prices and ships items right to your door!

iOS | Andoroid

Dots & Co10. Dots & CoFinally, what would a list be without a fun game to play as you wait for the professor to begin class? Dots & Co is a soothing minimalist game, another version of the original, Dots. This is the second coming of an app we’ve recommended before. Dots & Co allows you to look at panoramic backgrounds while making your brain work to keep playing the game, a perfect way to pass time.

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Written by Nathaly Mucha

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