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What’s Your #SUNYCompletes Story?

SUNY Completes booklet cover with various graduation photos.

SUNY has made a commitment to graduate more students, aiming for a number of 150,000 degrees granted per year by 2025. This effort, laid out by Chancellor Zimpher way back at her 2015 State of the University Address, was set out to meet the growing economic needs of New York as we fully transform into a 21set century workforce.

At this point in the game, progress is already being made, and it’s safe to say we’re moving the dial on completion. Degrees granted increased by three percent in 2016 to 96,000. Programs are being developed by SUNY campuses to help students come to school better prepared and get to the finish line faster and more successfully. And students are taking advantage of these opportunities to make their results shine.

What types of success stories are being made through this new completion agenda? We’ve heard some, and we want to hear about the many more out there.

At the 2017 State of the University Address, Student Assembly President Marc Cohen challenged his 600,000 peers across the SUNY system to share their journeys in higher education. “What difference has SUNY made in your life? Which program kept you in school,” asked Cohen. “Tell us about your research, about your applied learning experiences, your favorite professor or the advisor that helped you cross the finish line.”

We wanted to share with you some of the amazing stories that our students, alumni, and community shared with us, and who better to start with than President Cohen himself?

Now we want you, our students and alumni, to share your story of success with us using #SUNYCompletes. Tell us about a life-changing opportunity, experience, or journey that you were able to obtain through your SUNY network. We will gather these up and share them with the world in our storify that is shown below.

Written by Arthur Ramsay

Arthur Ramsay is a student assistant with the SUNY Office of New Media. He is a BA candidate at Empire State College studying American History & Government.




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