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Mascot Madness 2017 – Round 1

2017 Mascot Madness - round 1

2017 Mascot Madness Bracket

View the complete bracket.

The 5th annual Mascot Madness tournament is now underway. We have 38 mascots competing against one another to determine who New York’s favorite college mascot is in 2017. All participating mascots have been randomly placed into four competition brackets, ranked by the number of athletic programs they each represent. Now your votes help decide who advances to the next round.

We want to make sure you make an informed decision, so be sure you get to know the participants before you cast that vote.

Athletics at SUNY

In athletics statewide, SUNY has more than 85 NCAA Division I, 290 NCAA Division III, and 385 NJCAA athletic teams, as well as hundreds of non-competitive athletics clubs. At SUNY, there are opportunities for all who have a talent and passion for athletics at SUNY. And with the right work ethic in place, championships and accomplishments that bring athletes to the national stage can be achieved.

Our mascots work so hard cheering on all of our SUNY student athletes all year long. With this competition, we have our opportunity to cheer them on and recognize them for all the hard work they do to lift our campuses and students across New York State and beyond. So let them know, and let the games begin!

* Voting for the 2017 Mascot Madness tournament will be conducted with vote verification. Each voter will need to supply an email address with which they will be sent a confirmation email to submit their votes through. This will allow the voting to be reviewed for consistency in a direct way. All votes will be limited to one per 12 hours, after which a user can resubmit a new vote in the same game again. Email addresses will not be used for marketing or addition to any mailing lists, but simply for voter verification. All addresses will be deleted at the conclusion of the tournament.

Region 1

[polldaddy poll=”9693195″]
[polldaddy poll=”9694040″]
[polldaddy poll=”9694059″]
[polldaddy poll=”9694061″]

Region 2

[polldaddy poll=”9694084″]
[polldaddy poll=”9694088″]
[polldaddy poll=”9694090″]
[polldaddy poll=”9694091″]

Region 3

[polldaddy poll=”9694095″]
[polldaddy poll=”9694096″]
[polldaddy poll=”9694099″]
[polldaddy poll=”9694102″]

Region 4

[polldaddy poll=”9694105″]
[polldaddy poll=”9694108″]
[polldaddy poll=”9694112″]
[polldaddy poll=”9694115″]
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    Written by Taras Kufel

    Taras Kufel is the Manager of Digital Engagement at the State University of New York.

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    There are 4 comments

  • Brittany D. says:

    Why isn’t SUNY Oneonta in the running this year? Is RED too intimidating?

  • Elliott P. says:

    Voted for all of my children’s college mascots, except when I voted for my own. Sorry kid, Ellsworth and I go WAY BACK.

  • Chris Antalek says:

    I voted but don’t think I will again…not having to enter an email address each time. I get that they don’t want any bots voting but it is too cumbersome.

  • J Withington says:

    Where is SUNY Oneonta????

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