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More Ways Continue to Develop For Students To Transfer Themselves To A Degree

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Whether it’s a change of scenery or a way to continue your studies at a greater level, transferring schools can be a challenge. At SUNY, we understand the hurdles that can appear for many students, which is why our efforts with SUNY Transfer Paths have been so important. Now students have the options to continue their education easily available to them, not only for two to four year campuses, but from undergraduate to graduate programs as well. When students are looking to find better ways to advance their degrees, these transfer partnerships are incredibly beneficial.

Cobleskill president Terenzio and Empire State College president Hancock sign a transfer agreement between the two schools.

Cobleskill president Marion Terenzio and Empire State College president Merodie Hancock sign a transfer agreement between the two schools.

The possibilities of transferring between SUNY schools just got bigger thanks the signing of an MBA transfer agreement between SUNY Cobleskill and Empire State College. Moving forward, qualifying Bachelor of Business Administration students at SUNY Cobleskill will be able to easily transfer to SUNY Empire’s Master’s of Business Administration in Business Management program and cross-register for up to nine credits of SUNY Empire MBA coursework. Students participating in the program will seamlessly continue their education at the graduate level, showing SUNY Cobleskill’s and SUNY Empire State College’s dedication to providing students with high-quality education.

The presidents of both schools see the value in these types of agreements. “This new partnership with SUNY Empire State College gives our business students a valuable opportunity to continue seamlessly to a graduate degree program,” said Cobleskill President Marion Terenzio.

“Today’s agreement with SUNY Cobleskill is all about getting students to complete their MBA in the most convenient, time- and cost-efficient manner possible, while at the same time, ensuring students receive the high-quality SUNY education they expect, need and deserve,” said Merodie Hancock, president of SUNY Empire State College.

The value of seamless transfer

Easy access to affordable and student-centered education is without a doubt one of SUNY’s core values. This belief also inspired an earlier transfer agreement this year between the University at Albany and Hudson Valley Community College, which included agreements for 34 programs ranging from liberal arts to public health to computer science. The effort provides Hudson Valley Community College students with more academic and personal opportunities, as well as the ability to easily move their credits to University at Albany. In addition to this, a new agreement between Fulton-Montgomery Community College and the University at Albany has also been established, which will bridge 56 programs between the two schools.

One concern that students have about transferring from one institution to another is whether or not all of their credits will follow them. Nationwide, transfer students lose almost half of their college credits when they move to another college, which may jeopardize financial aid and their ability to receive a degree. For SUNY and its 64 campuses this is certainly not the case thanks to our SUNY Transfer Paths and seamless transfer policy.

SUNY Transfer Paths advise students on which classes they should take throughout their first two years of studies for their desired major. In doing so, they can finish their degree with an additional two years of courses at any desired SUNY college. We provide other transfer-friendly policies to our students, ultimately giving them the opportunity to create their own path within our system of institutions.

Whether it’s starting out in a home-town community college then transferring to a school in a big city, or going from learning in a traditional classroom to an online-only program, we continue to see how SUNY will provide you with endless opportunities to complete your degree.

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Written by Julie Maio

Julie is the assistant director for student mental health and wellness for SUNY System Administration.

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