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The Way Into The Virtual Worlds of Gaming Is In The Classroom

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Whether you choose Nintendo, Playstation, XBox, or PC, there are a large number of options to get lost in the world of video games. The trouble might be in keeping up with the latest developments and releases, and how those affect your playtime and potential career opportunities.

After a jam-packed week filled with great events and crazy announcements, the annual E3 Expo came to a close last Thursday. The annual gaming convention brought us announcements for highly anticipated games such as Fallout, Steampunk 2077, as well as a new Elder Scrolls game; showing a glimpse at a promising schedule of releases in the future. Along with these game announcements came hints towards a new generation of consoles, advancements in cross-play, and so much more. It’s events like this that build the hype in the gaming world and help inspire the next wave of game designers, and SUNY can provide the tools for those gaming hopefuls to succeed.

From general computer science programs to newer multimedia and virtual design programs, and even gaming teams and clubs, students can find a number of ways to get into the industry. Let’s take a look at some of the opportunities at SUNY that can help you get the knowledge and skills needed to build a career in gaming and game development.

SUNY Canton

SUNY Canton League of Legends TeamSUNY Canton offers students a a new major in Game Design & Development, which is perfect for those who are looking to aid in the new generation of gaming. From design to production, students in this degree program will cover the entire spectrum of video game design and usage. Of course, state-of-the-art tools and equipment that will help you succeed are a part of the program at SUNY Canton.

If you are looking for a bit of a competitive challenge, Canton also boasts their very own Division III eSports team. The first of its kind team at a SUNY school, and all of New York in fact, competes in the League of Legends, Overwatch and HearthStone leagues. You can get a comprehensive background of the degree program and eSports team in our full feature story.


SUNY Polytechnic Institute offers a B.S. in Interactive Media + Game Design for all those who want to turn their gaming passion into a career. The program focuses on “the design, development, and business of interactive media with opportunities to create interactive content and entertainment.” Basically, students have an opportunity to learn how to design a complete gaming experience, not just the hardware that runs the game. By offering a look into the art and production, and marketing and entrepreneurship along with software development of gaming, students will be provided with the tools they need to create the future of gaming.

SUNY Ulster

SUNY Poly Game DesignAt Ulster Community College, students are able to participate in a 16-credit program in Computer Game Design, which will help provide them with a base of knowledge in game design that they can take to a four-year, or even straight to the world of gaming. Not only will students get a feel for game design, but they will also learn about the ever-expanding business of mobile application design, giving students a well-rounded grasp on a number of topics. Numbers from 2017 tell us that mobile games are bringing in more money for businesses than the tried and true consoles or PC games.


Be sure to keep in mind that these are not the only paths SUNY offers to a career in gaming. There are countless paths for you to take that can connect you to the world of gaming. Also, if you watched E3 and enjoyed gaming competitions like the Fortnite Pro-Am Tournament (congrats to Ninja and Marshmello!) and want to simply play for fun with your friends, be sure to find out what types of gaming clubs your SUNY campus has to offer, or start your own and provide an opportunity for other gamers to have some fun.

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Written by Zach Percy

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