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Unique Campus Resources Can Lead to New Opportunities

SUNY Cortland students sit and talk at a cafe table. There are often moments, two, three years into your college experience, where you find yourself learning something new about your campus. You suddenly realize that you only know about where you’ve been, and not the entirety of what’s available. After a routine of heading to your same classes, dining halls, and gym, it doesn’t register to you that there’s possibly over 30% of the campus that you have never explored. This leads to missed opportunities, help, and guidance that could’ve made your assignment or task just a bit easier to handle. We’re here to help you not miss those opportunities.

All across the SUNY system, there are unique resources available to students to truly make their education whole. We’ve found five such resources on campus that you may not have known existed and could make your time at SUNY more productive and successful. If you know of others that have been impactful to you or your friends, share them in the comments or on facebook or twitter.

Digital Workshops

It was not until my junior year of college that I noticed for every job preference, Adobe (Illustrator, Creative Suite, Photoshop, etc) software knowledge was a plus/preferred. Instead of panicking about what I didn’t know, I did some research and came across digital workshops; free classes on your campus that assist in audio, video, and digital imaging. The University at Albany’s iLearn Workshops run for about an hour multiple times a week. From Adobe Photoshop basics to editing using iMovie, you can have access to learning new skills weekly based on a schedule that suits you. Go to your school site see if your school provides this feature!

Food Pantries

As college students, it can truly be a struggle to find the time and money to have a proper meal. We’ve often found ourselves skipping meals, eating unhealthy meals, or spending way over your budget to accommodate for your empty stomach. Governor Cuomo’s No Student Goes Hungry Initiative required all 64 SUNY schools to establish a food pantry on campus, or partner with food banks in the community. These available options can really make a full midweek meal possible for students who need it most. SUNY students can check out their campus for more information about their schools food pantry or partnership.

Career Centers/Resume Building

As graduation gets closer and closer for seniors, the urgency to apply for jobs grow. Even for internships throughout the school year, you want to make sure your resume is updated and formatted correctly, ready to wow that recruiter. Many, if not all SUNY campuses have career centers to help students find potential internships, jobs, or simply for advice. Here counselors and professionals can help you fine-tune your resume, learn best practices for job interviews, and help you find ways to to network. Check out your schools career center for any questions regarding future career possibilities, and career building.

Camera/Film Equipment Loans

Lights! Camera! Action! Today, photography and filming has become a lucrative source of income. Many students find themselves creating vlogs/YouTube channels, and personal blogs for social media sites to show a bit of their lives. While the new iPhone gains points for a flawless photo, nothing beats the aesthetic of a professional camera. A professional DSLR camera with just one attachable lens can be over $500! For students who want to use professional equipment without having to spend a dime, check out your campus for camera and film equipment you can rent out. SUNY Geneseo, Purchase, and Oswego, are just a few of the SUNY campuses that offer students free rental equipment.

International/Domestic Student Peer Programs

Entering a foreign country or a new environment can feel a bit daunting, especially as a new student going to college for the first time. You don’t recognize any faces, your lost even with the biggest map, and for some, you might not be familiar with the new culture. Many SUNY campuses, including SUNY Plattsburgh, Cortland and Oneonta, offer peer mentor programs that allow student volunteers to meet incoming international and domestic students, helping them get familiar with the campus, while offering them insight and friendship at their new school. Peer mentors can assist with things like airport pickups, orientation, and identifying skills to be successful on campus.

Written by Anissa Williams

Anissa Williams is a Communications Intern in the Office of Press & Communications at SUNY, graduating in the spring with a bachelors in Communications.

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