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Students Take on Vax Challenge to Show Readiness for Campus Life To Return This Fall

SUNY Chancellor Jim Malatras talks with students inside a conference room.Many students across the SUNY system had to put campus life on hold during the pandemic as campuses shut down or limited activities and residents through the year.Now this fall, they’re eager to get back to normal and return to face-to-face learning, student clubs and organizations, concerts, sports, going out with friends, and all the richness of campus life they love and have missed for the past year and a half.For this to happen smoothly—and safely—an effort to encourage students to get vaccinated now, before returning to campus, is underway in the #30DayVaxChallenge.To help get the word out about the challenge, Chancellor Malatras has been busy visiting campuses and speaking with students, faculty and staff.Mostly recently, Chancellor Malatras stopped by Onondaga Community College to visit with students, staff, and President Casey Crabill.While there, he talked about the importance of getting vaccinated and shared information about SUNY’s #30DayVaxChallenge, which started at the beginning of July.

Campuses have also been reaching out to students to spread awareness about the #30DayVaxChallenge, stressing the importance of getting vaccinated and answering student questions surrounding the vaccine.SUNY schools are amplifying the campaign messaging all across social media, while also utilizing other campus communications to ramp up efforts and get students vaccinated.With their help, we are well on our way to a fall semester that will look and feel more normal for our students.We know that SUNY students want to get back to the full college experience, as underscored by Chancellor Malatras during an interview with News Channel 9.He also noted that SUNY plans to have students in residence halls, attending sporting events, and participating in music and clubs, while speaking during a WGRZ Town Hall.Additionally, getting vaccinated will help create safer classroom environment for students and faculty, so they can get back to focusing on learning.During these visits, we had the opportunity to hear from students about why they got vaccinated.Listen to some of their reasons below, and share your own at!

Chancellor Malatras recently wrote his own op-ed in which he discussed why students need the vaccine and how it could bring them a more traditional college experience.In it, he stated “But now, with ample vaccine supply, students have a real shot to truly take back control, and for good.A shot to erase the uncertainty.To bring back the full college experience.Unmasked classrooms.Packed sporting events.Full concert halls.A night out with friends.It’s all within our reach.”If you’re not vaccinated yet and planning on attending a SUNY school this fall, we encourage you to participate in the #30DayVaxChallenge.Learn more about why it’s important to get vaccinated, and get your vaccine questions answered by SUNY professionals.

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Written by Julie Maio

Julie is the assistant director best generic levitra prices for student mental health and wellness for SUNY System Administration.

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  • It’s nice to see things getting back to normal. My children have classes again without any restrictions – except the obligation to wear a mask. However, I fear that things will be different again as the incidence increases.

  • The pandemic has a dire impact on education systems, and millions of students’ education was disrupted by the Covid -19. The continued operation of schools in a canadain viagra safe environment is utmost important for the safer health of the students and faculties and stopping the spread of the pandemic. This can only be possible if all students and staffs are vaccinated. SUNY schools #30DayVaxChallenge is worth commending, which is the only option for high-quality education in a safe environment. The students should also take the initiative and get vaccinated to create a safer atmosphere inside and cialis alternatives outside schoolrooms, and school.

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