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30 Days of Giving

30 Days of Giving 2021, Day 2: Alfred State Helps Rebuild From Storm

House construction takes place with students pushing wheelbarrows and a truck unloading pallets of cinder blocks. Masonry students at Alfred State College are helping rebuild the foundation of one Knoxville man’s home impacted by the historic flooding in the Twin Tiers.

On August 18th, when water overtook the land that John Zuck, a homeowner in Knoxville lived on, he felt cheapest cialis the brunt of the storm personally.

The storm wiped out the foundation to his home, which needed serious repairs to make it habitable again. But he had trouble finding a contractor. The Alfred State College community decided to pitch in to help John.

Masonry students at Alfred State College are now helping Zuck fix his damaged home through viagra online no prescription the Mennonite Disaster Service. They are not only gaining field experience, but also helping the local community.

Stephen Richard, a senior masonry instructor at Alfred State College, acknowledged the effort the students have given and the quality of work they are producing. “The students have to pay attention, be careful, and work efficiently,” said Richard. “Once we got the house supported, they had to carry out tons of dirt and broken blocks.”

The ability to put learning to work to help others was a uniquely rewarding experience for all those students involved.

Alfred State College students pose for group picture on top of pile of rubble at a construction site.

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