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Research: When Life Hands you Killer Algae, Make Energy

The increased awareness surrounding global warming and the increased demand of global energy supply over the last few years has got scientist in a fre...

Research: A Hobbit’s Tale – Fact or Fiction?

With the upcoming movie release of the second installment of JRR Tolkien’s critically acclaimed “The Hobbit” just upon the horizon – Stony Bro...

Research: New Wireless Technology Could Put Your Body to the Test

Chances are, someone you know has received an ultrasound exam – to get the first glimpse of their developing baby, or maybe to determine their risk ...

Research: Sleep Deprivation and Poor Dietary Choices

Today’s modern culture provides convenience, comfort, and efficiency.  In one day, an American can buy a cart of any type of groceries they desire,...

Tracking the Endangered Oceanic Whitetip Shark

For humans, sharks have long been the source of fascination and fear. These top predators are fast disappearing; largely due to a fishing industry tha...