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QUIZ: Which SUNY Mascot Are You?

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10 Things Every Incoming College Freshman Should Do This Summer

You made it through finals, a senior project, prom, and graduation, but now you must bid farewell to high school and hello to a whole new adventure: c...

5 Easy Ways to Prepare for the LSAT

The LSAT is considered to be one of the largest factors law schools take into consideration when looking over applications. At times, a lower GPA can ...

Can Success Be Predicted?

Can success really be predicted? Researchers at Stony Brook University believe so–at least up to a certain point, that is. Through a series of n...

Rochester’s Eastman Kodak Guided Into Rennaisance by SUNY Graduate

This past March, Kodak named Jeff Clarke as its new chief executive officer. Based out of Rochester, NY, the 120 year old company has begun a series...