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We Have A Winner! UB Picks Architect to Design New Medical School

HOK brings an impressive and deep portfolio in health sciences complexes. The firm designed the acclaimed King Abdullah University of Science and Tech...

WellNYS Everyday Olympic Experience

As the Olympics began on Friday, July 27 two of our GenerationSUNY interns took part in a program called the WellNYS Everyday Olympic Experience. The ...

A Superhero without the Costume: UB Professor Rescues Bats with Bat Cloud

Our favorite superhero Batman is always scouring the streets, searching for crimes to stop and people to save. However, this time it’s the bats that...

New Program Empowers Abuse Survivors to Become Entrepreneurs

Susan Still, a Rochester women’s rights activist, still carries the physical and emotional scars from a 24-year-long abusive relationship with her h...

New Paltz Team Drives into the Sunset… Literally

The State University of New York at New Paltz’ Solar Car Team is hitting the road Saturday as one of 18 national teams competing in the 2012 America...