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Turn Your Ideas into Market Ready Products with the 2019 Technology Accelerator Fund

Across the SUNY system, there are great minds doing great things in research. New ideas in computer technologies, medical goods, educational resources, and more are being developed by the great minds in SUNY research. Since its launch in April 2011, the Technology Accelerator Fund (TAF), which is jointly funded by the State University of New […]


Answers to the Government Shutdown and FAFSA Applications

The partial federal government shutdown enters its 24th day, the longest shutdown in U.S history, surpassing the 21-day shutdown under President Clinton in 1995-96. During this period, non-essential government services that lack funding are closed. The good news is that the U.S Department of Education is fully funded so it is not directly affected by […]


The Efforts to Ensure That No Student Goes Hungry

A lack of regular access to food is an issue that plagues approximately half of today’s college students. In addition to negatively affecting students’ health, food insecurity, or the absence of food, impacts a student’s ability to succeed academically and graduate. Recognizing that hunger should not be an obstacle for students to thrive academically, colleges […]


How Does the El Nino Southern Oscillation Cycle (ENSO) Influence our Weather?

Ever wonder why weather fluctuates so drastically?  From hot and wet to cold and dry seasons, one of the main causes is due to ENSO, otherwise known as El Nino Southern Oscillation Cycle. ENSO is made up of two oscillating weather conditions that are known as El Niño and La Niña. These two weather phenomena […]


30 Days of Giving 2018 – Bonus: A Selfless Act of Giving at Rockland Community College

One day this semester, a Rockland Community College student was completing his Service Learning hours at the RCC Haverstraw campus, which houses the new Volunteer Generation Fund food cupboard. Jose was activity in volunteerism around campus. Part of his responsibility was to manage the recently opened food cupboard, which is open to all students and visitors […]