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SUNY Fredonia - Mike Blue Devil

Mike the Blue Devil

SUNY Fredonia

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  1. Where are you from?
    I originate from a town called Blazes, New York. I was born around the origin of recorded history. I migrated east when I attended college at Fredonia State. The top-notch education, affordable tuition and great atmosphere got me hooked. I consider myself a Fredonian, and want to raise my little Devils right here.
  2. How many teams do you represent?
    I represent 17 varsity teams, including cheerleading.
  3. How were you chosen to be school mascot?
    I was chosen to be the mascot at Fredonia State following a tryout. The scouts had followed my progress through the high school ranks. I wanted to focus on academics, and turned down a few athletic scholarships and chose a Division III school – Fredonia State. I earned my degree in Education in four years, and minored in drama. I was invited to a mascot tryout in Steele Hall. It was pretty competitive – the San Diego Chicken, Philly Phanatic – all the big names were there. But since I was born blue and had oversized, cartoonlike features – and the school nick name was the Blue Devils, I was a slam dunk for the job – pun intended.
  4. Do you have any friends that are mascots?
    The Duke Blue Devil is actually my little brother. He always looked up to me and I pushed him. I was tough on him. Glad to see his face on t-shirts all over the place. I’ve met Mike Sheh-shef-ski – not sure how you spell it. I am related to the Demon Deacon at Wake Forest and we text a lot. As far as friends, I was never a fan of furry creatures and the like, so no, not many friends in the biz.
  5. What is your favorite campus event?
    I like Pink the Rink that our hockey team puts on every year. The event has made ESPN’s Top 10 plays and community support has been great. We have raised nearly $50,000 since we started it a few years back. Plus the arena is packed! A lot of other schools have followed suit, but we were the originals.
  6. What do you consider the ideal fan?
    They should wear a lot of blue. Royal blue. A lot of it. They need to be a little bit crazy, but they need to be smart, too. No “cat calls” when we are at the foul line, know when to cheer and when to tone it down. I like a raspy voice, or a really annoying high-pitched voice. Anything to get under our opponents skin.
  7. What’s it like to be a mascot?
    Mostly hot and sweaty, but I’m used to the heat. Other than that, it can be pretty polarizing. People either love or hate mascots. I try to win over young and old, alike. Mostly, I am there to enhance the fans’ experience.
  8. What do you like to do for fun?
    Mostly singing and songwriting. We have a great music program here. I actually helped out on some Van Halen and Motley Crue hits  -- Runnin’ with the Devil and Shout at the Devil to name a few.
  9. What is your favorite Broadway play?
    The Lion King. Ever since Fredonia grad Gabriel Croom (1999) appeared as a giraffe in the broadway adaptation of the Disney hit, I’ve been hooked.
  10. What is your favorite New York State destination?
    The Angola rest stop on Interstate 90. It’s the nearest Moe’s location.