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SUNY Ulster - Senator Sam

Senator Sam

SUNY Ulster

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  1. Where are you from?
    I spent my formative years in Kingston, NY, beginning my career as a Senator when Kingston became the first capital of New York State. Now I live in the Senate Gymnasium on the Stone Ridge Campus of SUNY Ulster.
  2. How many teams do you represent?
    I currently represent between 6-8 sports teams, depending on the year. I love all my Senator teams and have the pleasure of cheering on the Senators as each season comes and goes. SUNY Ulster has the coolest fans and I’m so proud to represent them at each and every home game!
  3. How were you chosen to be school mascot?
    When the State capital moved to Albany, I found myself in need of a career change and was lucky enough to be chosen as SUNY Ulster’s mascot in 1967. I think they were impressed with my enthusiasm and I know they loved dancing skills! Life is good here – I get to attend all the sports events and other student activities where I can give lots of hugs and high fives.
  4. Do you have any friends that are mascots?
    It's always fun to get together with some of my mascot friends in the area—like the DCC Falcon and the SUNY New Paltz Hawk, Hugo. They're a hoot! Hugo and I both live in Ulster County, so he’s still bragging about winning last year’s SUNY Mascot Madness contest, but I hope to give him a run for his money this year! You might say we have a healthy competition among us, but it's all in good fun—and I'm all about having fun!
  5. What is your favorite campus event?
    I love opening home games. Everyone is jazzed up about the new season and I get to show off my awesomeness. I love to put on some attitude and rile our fans to show their team spirit. I’ve been thinking of taking some gymnastics classes so I can do flips.
  6. What is your favorite New York State destination?
    Aside from the Senate Gymnasium, my home-sweet-home, I love the spectacular Walkway Over the Hudson! As I look up and down the mighty Hudson River I am reminded that I live in the most beautiful place around.
  7. What is your favorite Broadway play?
    You might have guessed that one of my favorite musicals is none other than "1776!" I look forward to there being a revival in the near future.
  8. What do you consider the ideal fan?
    My ideal fan is someone who’s not afraid to show off their SUNY Ulster team spirit. He or she will come dressed in SUNY Ulster blue and join in on the cheering and dancing.
  9. What’s it like to be a mascot?
    I hope this doesn't make me seem like I have a big head, but I am really good at my job! (Okay, I actually DO have a big head, but that's beside the point!) As a Senator, I am a man of the people and I represent all of SUNY Ulster. It’s a big responsibility to make sure everyone has fun. But in all seriousness—it really touches my heart when I run up and down the sidelines and fans start clapping and cheering along with me!
  10. What do you like to do for fun?
    I love to make scrapbooks. I pop in at different locations and campus events so I can have my picture taken with students for my scrapbook. I’ve even recently made a movie featuring lots of students, faculty and staff that you can see by clicking here