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Meet Your New SUNY Student Assembly President

Lori Mould, SUNY Student Assembly President, was sworn in as a State University of New York student member of the Board of Trustees this month. For ...

200 Dentists Offer Free Dental Care To Entire Community

Dentists suggest that a regular teeth cleaning should be scheduled once every six months. However, for a staggering third of the American population w...

Earthquake Buries Haitian Student, But Not His College Dream

In January 2010, there was a massive earthquake in Haiti–7.0 magnitude on the Richter scale. It caused widespread damage throughout the country ...

NFL Draft to Tap Khalil Mack, Student Athlete, in First Round: Analysts (UPDATE)

[iframe src=”//” width=”838″ height=”471″ frameborder=”0″ ...

Trendy Millennial Restaurant Helps Fund New York College

A New York college’s restaurant offers wine, dining, and organic products. When you think of milliennials, what comes to mind? Technology? Socia...