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5 Facts You May Not Know About SUNY

suny logo blueSUNY is a national leader of higher education systems.  From pioneering the federal Know Before You Owe financial awareness program through SUNY Smart Track to setting the standard for higher education systemness, the Empire State’s diverse organization of 64 campuses is complex and powerfully interesting while delivering results for thousands of students every year.

But our educational experience doesn’t stop at the end of the semester, the receipt of a diploma, or our first job offer.  It continues as a legacy through this exceptional university system.  And having been around since 1816, SUNY has grown to accumulate many distinctions that make it really stand out.

Here are 5 Things That You May Not Know About SUNY…

1.  SUNY hosts over 80 (88 to be exact) Division I athletics programs. And a lot of interesting clubs!

University at Buffalo Division I SUNY Athletics

2.  SUNY has nearly 35,000 experts at the fingertips of over 460,000 students! That’s like every citizen of the British Virgin Islands educating the entire populations of Iceland and Aruba!

SUNY Enrollment 462,698 vs Iceland population 325,010 + Aruba population 101,484

3.  99.8% New Yorkers live within 30 miles of a SUNY campus!  And for every state dollar received, SUNY generates $5 in total spending in New York State (a total $16 billion every year)!

SUNY Campus Map

4.  SUNY Korea, through Stony Brook University, educates hundreds of South Koreans every year!  Now that’s a global perspective!

SUNY Korea

5.  SUNY invented the MRI, supermarket barcode scanner, and first-ever implantable heart pacemaker.  And that was just in our first 60 years of existence!



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Written by Phillip Leidner




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