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30 Days of Giving

30 Days of Giving: Taking Volunteerism to Scale

30 Days of Giving - 2013

The holidays remind us this is the season of giving. All members of SUNY make a concerted effort to volunteer and contribute to their respective campuses and local communities. The 30 Days of Giving campaign highlights students and faculty across all of our 64 campuses who participate in volunteerism and give back to those in need. With over 467,000 students and three million alumni, we want to celebrate the impact the SUNY community has made in all of their unique community service projects. As we learned last year, the byproduct of taking volunteerism to scale is not only building character in our students themselves as they join our over three million alumni, but also to set an example of impact as the nation’s largest university system.



Day 17

SUNY Orange County Community College

This year the employees of SUNY Orange are celebrating our 10th year of adopting less fortunate families for the holiday season. Over the past ten years we have adopted a combined total of over 587 families, or 2,045 individuals! In addition to gifts, we try to raise money to purchase Shoprite grocery gift cards for each family, with a goal of $50 for each family adopted.

This year’s Adopt a Family program adopted 57 families (232 individuals)! In addition, by pooling all of our money donated for the Shop Rite Grocery Gift Card campaign, we were able to raise $3,365.This amount allowed us exceed our goal and give each family at least $60!

 SUNY Orange County Community College Volunteer inside truck with gift boxes


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Glenn Solomon

Written by Glenn Solomon

Glenn is a student assistant in the Office of New Media of the State University of New York. He is an undergraduate economics and political science major at the University at Albany in Albany, NY.




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