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5 Things To Do Before You Leave Campus

Students walk with packed boxes moving out from campus.

The end of the year can be bittersweet. While it means sun, sand, and freedom from the books, it also means goodbyes and see you laters.  Goodbye to those graduating and moving on, as well as see you later to the underclassmen you will be seeing again in a few months. But it also means new and exciting adventures, trips to see your roommate, and time to relax. But before you get caught up in shorts weather, make sure to check off these reminders before you go!

  1. Donate stuff to charity

    You’re moving back home for the summer and it’s time to declutter! Moving around can be stressful but when you have only the essentials it’s easier. So be sure to donate all the extra stuff you can move without. Those holiday sweaters, the excessive campus gear you’ve received. That extra food you forgot to eat, can be donated to local people and places who need it. Students can even work with organizations to help get this done, such as Students Team Up to Fight Hunger or their local CKI organization. Hundreds of thousands pounds of food have been donated through their “food fights” and other campaigns, so those extra cans of soup or pasta go a long way!

  2. Figure out housing for next year

    If you’re moving back to campus, great! Be sure to have your room situation figured out for the next semester. Make sure to talk to your roommate about who’s bringing a fridge and who’s bringing the TV. Make sure the whole room situation is figured out so you don’t have to sweat it over the summer! If you’re living off campus, make sure you know the best ways to get to campus for class and how much rent you are paying per month. Get all the details straightened out so there is no confusion come Fall semester.

  3. Line-up summer internships/jobs for next year

    This is perhaps one of the most important things to do! Summer is the perfect opportunity to get your foot into your career goals. A summer internship or job can be the perfect way to get experience. Companies often look at what students have done throughout the summer to see if they are eager to work. Universities also often always have career service offices so be sure to stop by to get your resume critiqued, and mock interviews. Once your summer is over don’t forget to look for jobs around your campus as well to get some cash on the side while you are in school.

    There are many sites that help match students with their ideal internships or jobs, some include; Indeed, Handshake, and LinkedIn Jobs. But there’s also the SUNY Employment search to help you find an internship or job right at your campus!

  4. Sell unneeded textbooks

    This is an easy way to get some money back! Reselling textbooks is probably one of the most common practices at the end of the semester. Often time’s students forget their textbooks or just throw them out. Textbooks can be a great source of side cash. Re-selling these books back to the bookstore, websites and even friends you know that will be taking this class in the following semester. Some companies such as Amazon even have programs such as Amazon Trade-In program that gives you Amazon Gift Cards in exchange for trading in your textbooks.

  5. Plan one last gathering with your friends

    Lastly, leaving campus is perhaps one of the most emotional moments every year. While you may miss home, you have made new friends on campus who may not be near you at home and now you must say goodbye for a few months. Be sure to plan several final gatherings before you head back home. Look for some things to do around campus!

Finish the semester strong! To those graduating, congratulations! To those that still have some time left, we look forward to seeing you again in the fall! Check these things off, finish your finals, and leave the textbooks behind!

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Written by Sarah Petrak

Sarah Petrak is a student assistant with the Office of Communications and New Media for SUNY System Administration. She is a studying Public Policy at the University at Albany.

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