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What’s the Best Time To Do Laundry? A Statistical Examination

So many college students live on campus in residence halls that they share with hundreds of other students. It’s usually our first run at indepe...

A Large Impact on Culture Helps This School Stand Out Among Peers

College rankings come in many varieties from many sources. But it’s always nice to recognize when one of your own comes in at the top of a list. Rec...

5 Ways to Spend Leap Day This Year

It’s a Leap Year. The once-every-four-years anomaly in which we have 366 days on our calendar. Because the earth actually takes 365¼ days to or...

Should Graduate School Be Your Next Step?

Well before you ever make it to your senior year of high school, people start to ask you, what’s next? Are you entering the workforce or continu...

From Living Room to Silver Screen: Meet the Alumni Directing the Action

We’re in awards season on the pop culture calendar, when Hollywood and the entertainment world celebrates the work of the past year. We’ve...