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Category: Campus Life


Meet the Competitors of Mascot Madness 2019 – Region 1

Our yearly competition to figure out who is New York’s number one mascot has returned! We’re celebrating our 7th anniversary of the SUNY M...

More Than Just Preventing Crime, The University Police is Part of the Campus Community

They are genuine police officers, no different than New York state troopers, park police, or forest rangers. The only difference is that University Po...

Helping Disadvantaged Students Succeed for More Than 50 Years, the Educational Opportunity Program Continues its Strong Work

Study upon study tells us that a college degree is necessary to provide the social mobility that can bring a student out of a difficult life situation...

Addressing Drinking and Drug Use in a Safe, Proactive Way

National research suggests that about 20 percent of college students meet the criteria for an alcohol use disorder, and substance abuse is spreading i...

Answers to the Government Shutdown and FAFSA Applications

The partial federal government shutdown enters its 24th day, the longest shutdown in U.S history, surpassing the 21-day shutdown under President Clint...