Why are wildfires good for the environment?

12 thoughts on “Why are wildfires good for the environment?

  1. Another significant piece of knowledge. I’m going to give this to some friends, and sharing is always fun. We thank you, of course, for the sweat, too!

    1. hi. right now it is 3* in Wisconsin, last night it was -5. please send global warming our way. thank you.
      sincerely, Facts.

  2. I think nature is nice but even though there’s bad things come with wildfires
    in the end its just greenery and gorges

  3. Excellent article. Also human fire suppression often puts the fire out too quickly leaving dense undergrowth that becomes tinder for more intense future fires. There is a fire cycle created. There is wisdom therefore if homes and lives are not threatened in letting the fire burn to achieve the many benefits Will Donovan lists.

  4. Nature is always in BALANCE. That is of course, until Mankind attempts to FIX the ALLEGED PROBLEM. Every time we stick our nose in thinks we screw it up. Let’s just leave it alone!

  5. But the government would be damned if they were to propagate this truth. Fire will always be seen as bad as long as humans continue to populate and gobble up land…especially large swaths of forested land.

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